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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

United Voice Fun Fair

Hey all!! I'm not dead!!
*Of course la I'm not dead because you didn't come to my wake yet*

Okay, lame joke..
A little update on why didn't I update my blog for more than a week.
I found a job for these 2 months. Long hours therefore I have no time to play or blog.
But wednesday(today) is my off day *Yippee!!!*
So here's the update.

It was a beautiful saturday morning *not writing essay la!!*
But really, it was a beautiful morning.
Woke up earlier than usual, get ready to go to United Voice Fun Fair.

For those of you who don't know, United Voice is a Self-Advocacy Society fof Persons with Learning Disabilities.
This fun fair was organised to raise funds for those people.
I really like helping out for these causes because it touches my heart and make me feel blessed to be healthy.

The sky was beautiful that day. Blue, bright.

*Blue skies*

There are many stalls at the fair.
Some sell food...

*Burger Stall*

Some sell sweets and candies...

*Cotton Candy*

I have developed a liking for cotton candy.
I don't know when and don't know why.
Maybe its the facination of the machine.
Its quite nice to see the spinner spins out threads of candy.
And I just love looking at it *hardly eat though*

There's even a stall which sells vegetable and another selling plants.

*Scouts volunteers (or maybe not) helping at the sale*

Other than food, there's also fun and games for all ages.

*Some of the games that were there*

Some little girls wanted to play in the inflated "playpen"
but because the weather was hot and the surface of the fabric will probably burn our skin,
it was being deflated so that people will not get burned unnecessarily.
*Poor kids*


There are also various activities for children.

*Colouring contest for little kids*

*Mom helping daughter with her sand art*

*Face painting*

What is a fair without jumble sales right?
There are so many thing on sale that day.
There were dragonflies(balancing bamboo), drawings, clothes, books, used items for sale.

*Caught in a call*

*Sock toys*

Yes, these toys are all made using socks. *Stinky!!*

*Sock dolls and used golf set*

*There's also a clown playing peek-a-boo*

*The girls seem scared*

Back outside, there were some activities going on..

*Fatherly act trying to pujuk the crying baby*

*3 little girls waiting for their rojak*

*Its a hot day, its nice to have ice-cream!!*

*Somehow I like this photo. Candid enough.*

The clown was outside trying to play with people and make them laugh.
Sadly no one wanted to play so, the clown is sad ):

So that ends my update for now.
Might not have much to update about since I'm tied to work.
But oh well, its time to start getting used to being commited to work right?
So till next time!!!

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