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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 3 (SHU Orientation)

Hi all,
Like my blog title said, this post is about my life in Sheffield, UK.
Hopefully I will be able to write a blog post everyday *I know you miss me*
But if I really couldn't write it everyday, please do forgive me.

So, why start with day 2 instead of day 1?
It is because I don't want to recall the feelings of day 1 just yet.
Later home-sick then susah!!! hehe~

So day 2..

I fell asleep while watching drama on my laptop the previous day.
If I'm not mistaken, I fell asleep at 7 something.
When I woke up, it is already 4am in the morning!!!
Fuh~ At least I had a really good sleep.
Didn't dream about anything already *happy!!*

So, 4am here means it is 11am in Malaysia.
Feeling very hungry because I missed dinner last night, I went to the kitchen to make myself a coffee cereal.
What I did was to mix a SUPER 3-in-1 Coffee with the SUPER 3-in-1 corn cereal together and made myself a nice, warm, sweet, filling drink *yummy*

We were supposed to gather outside at 8:45am. I had 4 hours and 45 minutes to spare.
So I went to my room to sort out my things and watch some dramas and played some games to kill time.
After everyone got ready, we went out and started to walk to Sheffield Hallam University(SHU) together.
It is a pretty sight as hundreds of students walked the streets together.

I am currently staying in Bramall court.
My university is about 20mins walk from here.
Most of us will probably complain when we have to walk under the hot sun for 20mins.
But over in Sheffield, the temperature should be below 20C today and walking to uni isn't that bad.
Many of my friends complain. Yes, they do complain alot about the walking.
But the fact is I like walking. You will see me walking about when I have nothing to do.
Walking to uni in a cold weather is fun!! It feels like walking up the hill in Cameron Highlands.
I walked for 3hours in Cameron Highlands before *smiles*

As soon as we reach there, we were greeted by the uni staffs.
They gave us some useful tips about safety, the city and every essential information we need.
Very infomative indeed.
After that we finally paid out bills and collect our SHU Student card.
Then we went on Campus tour.

*This are SOME of the students who attended the orientation*

There are some 2,500 students who are attending the Summer Top Up Course in SHU.
Most of them came from TARC and there are approximately 200-300 students from Sri Lanka.

*Sorry I couldn't get a good photo of my campus tour guide*

I was pretty disappointed. At first, my initial plan was to speak in english at least 95% of my time here.
Since I'm in a different country, I want to take this opportunity to improve my english as well as remove some Bad Malaysian Habits off me.
But my friends, they have no intentions of speaking in english at all.
Spending time with them here is just like in Malaysia.
Nothing changes. Everyone speaks MANDARIN!!! Even Yvette speaks to me in mandarin when I speak to her in english. GOSH!!

*Campus Tour Guide giving us the tour*

Okay, that aside. I was pretty disappointed when the first sentence spoken by my Campus Tour Guide is "Can I speak in Mandarin?"
Although she's from Malaysia and TARC too doesn't mean that she has to speak to us in Mandarin right??!!!
She's a Postgraduate student for goodness sake!!
Why must she speak to us in Mandarin?
Shouldn't she be getting us acustomed to english speaking?
*Faints lagi*

Talking about Malaysian Bad Habits.
I was pretty ashamed when Malaysians jumped queue at the immigration area in Manchester Airport.
Malaysians jump queue. They act as if they have the right to do that in Malaysia.
But now, they still do that in other people's country weih!!
Can't we be a little disciplined when we're not in our own country?
Malaysians have too many bad habits that..I am ashamed of *Now I'm gonna be hated by Malaysians right?*

Too bad. Its just too bad that I succumbed to peer pressure.
I spoke to my friends in Mandarin *failure*
But I'm definitely going to speak with everyone else in english!!!
Other than that I leave my friends sometimes to "explore" the city.
Alone in a foreign place. It thrills me. Speaking to people who doesn't know me, it thrills me too!! Now, I can be anyone I want to be.
If change is what I seek, change is what I'll get!!!

Despite my rants about Malaysians, I do not hate my country.
I do not complain about the 1Mbps broadband speed in Malaysia when I see UK's 6Mbps.
I love Malaysia and its people. It is the place I grew up!!
And I'm proud to see THIS when I was walking back from my uni.

*Proton Satria!!*

*Hehe* Okay, that should be enough updates for today right?
I'll write more tomorrow.
Till then~ Goodbye,luv.

PS: "luv" is how people in Sheffield call people. They go "Good morning, luv" or anything like that. It is really friendly to hear them say that. hehe~

PPS: If you want me to update about anything, feel free to email me or comment under this post. I'll write something about it in my next update. hehe

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