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Friday, 12 June 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 6 (Welcoming Party)

Hi all!!
Sorry I haven't been updating for the pass few days because I was a lil busy getting my things done.
Other than that there's nothing much to update yet as I have not taken any photos.
The main reason for not updating my blog these two days is because of my sleeping time.
I'm currently sleeping at 9:30pm regularly and waking up at 7am.
Today's gonna be a lil later so I'll blog.
*Feeling sorry ddi*

Today is a pretty interesting day *Maybe not*
I woke up early as usual.
I had cornflakes and fresh milk for breakfast.
Didn't have sandwich like yesterday because we ran out of bread and I didn't buy cuz it was raining yesterday.

After breakfast, we started walking to Uni as usual.
Its a very healthy morning walk!!
Good 30mins of it!! haha~
Loving every second of it.

The sun started to show itself today.
Didn't really see the sun ever since I came to UK till today.

*Finally Mr Sunshine showed itself!!*
The sun was very beautiful. It warmed us. Very good!!

There is a welcoming party *a mini one* organised for us TARC students after class.
When I said mini, I meant REAL mini.
The main purpose of this party is for us to meet the few uni staff whom we'll meet pretty often.
Other than that its for our pro vice-chancellor of Sheffield Business School, Professor Christine Booth to give her welcoming speech *hehe*

So during the party, we took some photos.

*Mei Mun and Stef Elena*

*Some of the people who came to SHU with us!!*

*Jen Harris and Katie Hassall*

*Group photo with Jen and Katie*

*Welcoming speech my Prof. Christine Booth*

*Group photo with Kate Morse*

*Group photo with Prof. Christine Booth and Kate Morse*

*Group photo with David Kyle, Michael Hunt and Clare Moonan*

*Yean Ree*

*Suxin, Yean Ree, Kwee Hua*

So after the really brief welcoming party, its time to say goodbye to SHU staffs and walk 30mins back again.

*On the way home*

Ahh~ Finally this ends the day.
Although its only 9:16pm now but I'm already feeling sleepy.
Gonna sleep now and wake up early again.
*Such a healthy lifestyle right?*

Till next time, Goodnight!!

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