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Monday, 15 June 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 9 (Chatsworth House)

Hi all~!!!
Now, its time for the second part of my outing last saturday.
Chatsworth house!!

Okay, Chatsworth house is a house lived by the Duke and Dutchess long long time ago.
*I don't know exactly when because I didn't listen*
Entrance fee : Garden(£6)+ House(£3.50)= £9.50!!!

Okay, the garden was very nice but the house..not so good.
Wasn't really in the mood for histories about the duke and dutchess whom I don't even know.
Nevertheless we paid the extra £3.50 so might as well take photos in there. Right??

Chatsworth house is HUGE!!!
So huge it took us slightly less than one hour to just tour through the house without stopping and reading much about the history.
Nothing much to talk today so I shall start eh photo spam.
I've already took out many photos from my original album so that the post will not be so long.
But 50+ photos is still alot right?

*Gate and entrance to Chatsworth House*

*Same entrace - view from the inside of the house*

Inside the house area, I am greeted by a lot of statues.
You know how much people from the past LOVE statues right?
I love statues too!!!

*Few of the many statues over there*

Oh and you know how much rich people love to have their ceilings painted.
Every ceiling in this house is painted.
None of each room's ceiling is painted the same.

*Painting of the Angels*

*The stairs - Totally vintage*

*Then we met hantu!!*
Haha its actually people walking but my camera is on slow shutter speed.

*A small part of the view outside*

*I wonder if the piano will break if I played on it*

*Carving of The Last Supper*

*Another thing I like - Grandfather's Clock*

*Marble furnace*

*Vintage keys and displays*

*Group photo*

*Part of the library*

*More statues*

This ends part one of the Chatsworth House.
I have many more photos but sadly I couldn't shouldn't give the entire tour to you.
It would've been too long like most of my outing posts.

The next part will be the Garden!!

*Relaxing in the garden while..*

*..the others went to buy ice-cream!!*

*Everyone loves a nice BIG ice-cream*

After finishing our ice-cream, we saw a few little kids rolling down the slope in the grass field.
So some of us decided to have some fun.
After a couple of rounds of rolling, more of us join in the fun!!

*Rolling fun*

*Another style of rolling*

*Jump shots*

*More jump shots*

*Andrew and Sunkel*

*HUGE water feature in the garden*

*Thats me!!*

I realise that I take a lot more potrait photos whereas many other people takes more landscape photos.

*Here's a glimpse of how big the house is*

Then we make our way to the maze in the garden.

*Nice road with trees at both sides*

On the way to the maze, these two super models stopped to have some photos snapped.

*Stef and Yvette*

*Green green grass*


*Just before the maze*

*Inside the maze*

*Somebody kena pijak sampai mati*

After the maze, we went to the rock garden.

*Vyen lifting a rock*

*Absolutely love this photo*

*Andrew the "lion"*

We didn't have enough time to tour the whole garden as it was too big!!
But we have to get onto the bus by 5pm so we had to head back ):

*On the way back*

*Lovely sky for eling, Andrew for beilynn*

*This just look awesome*

Thats all for the photo spam this time.
Well, forgive me if the post is too long as it is hard not to snap many photos with a Dslr.
*laughs* This photos are only some that are extracted from my original album.
You can check out my web album in Facebook HERE!!!
*Just click on the word "HERE"*

So, this wraps up my entire weekend.
Wait up till my next update. BYE~!!!

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