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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 7 (Buxton)

Hi all!!!
Today is a fun day!!
Went for our very first outing outside Sheffield today with the Hallam Union.
This trip costs me £20.50!!!

Trip (Transportation only): £11
Chatsworth House fee (Garden + House): £9.50

It is expensive (compared to my daily expenses) but wth, its a good opportunity to see parts of the world which I have never seen before right?
Furthermore everyone is going, so I shall succumb to peer pressure *hehe*

First, something about the Hallam Union.
Hallam Union organises trips for us every Saturday.
This week is Buxton and Chatsworth House.
Next week is York, another week....I forgot.
Anyway, there are other trip organisers other than Hallam Union.
One of them went to York this week and Cambridge next.

So, today's trip is about Buxton and Chatsworth House.
Buxton is a town about an hour and a half by coach from Sheffield.
It has a few parks, outdoor activities, and a museum.
Other than that, the place is FULL with dogs, old people and kids.
*Oh Stef Chin said that*

I'll only talk about Buxton today.
*If I talk about Chatsworth House, it'll be a photo spam of 200+ photos*
So yes, only Buxton for today.

*Of hills and slopes*

As you can see, Buxton is a town with many hills and slopes.
I think its something like cameron back home, located a little higher than anywhere else.

*Group photo*

After walking for only a short while, we notice that there are many dogs around this town.
These dogs aren't stray, they are some valuable breeds.
Also, many of those dogs aren't leashed.
For example..

*A large dog outside a shop*

No, this dog isn't trying to get into the shop.
Actually, it is waiting for its owner to get out of the shop.
Dogs in this area are mostly well trained.
They will not enter shops unless told to, runaway, or even leave their dog wastes anywhere *impressed*

*Following the owner once more*

*Waiting outside another shop*

Over there we climbed stairs..

Climbed slopes..

and took photographs..

and thats all we do actually.
*continue photo spamming*
Over in UK, the place is GREEN!!!
Everywhere you go, its GREEN!!!

*Greens and more greens!!* *love it*

Oh and there are a lot of Audi there too!!

*Audi TT*

Sometimes, its really hard for us to reach our destination.
A 20minute walk can take us 40minutes to arrive!!
The reason..

*We take photos..*

*..more photos..*

*..and MORE photos..*

*..never ending photos!!!!!*

For every ten steps we walk, 3 photos are taken.
Thats how we waste our time *hehe*

*There you go, another photo*

This chapel *I think its a chapel* is something I like.
It is located at a square and the bell goes whenever the clock strikes every hour.
It is really nice. Really vintage.

*Different people facing different cameras*

Finally, we reached Pavillion Garden.
It is one of the BIG gardens there. Really nice.

*In front of Pavilion Garden*

*Take a self potrait before everyone squeezes into the photo*

The fields in UK is totally different than the ones back home.
You can spot many lil white flowers on the grass field anytime, anywhere.

*Little little white flowers*

*Are they called daisies??*

*There are ducks by the pond too*

*Reminds me about the Ugly Duckling*

*The three shorties and the two beauties*

*Pond side*

*Blurred because Stef hold my camera for the first time*

*Yvette dgn Saya*

Oh Peewee went to Buxton with me too!!
*Yes, it has an official name now*
Peewee used to have many names by different people.
Miss Re-placed, Attention, Peewee... *what else??*

*Sitting on the grass..*


*Oh I just LOVE their houses*

*Another self potrait*

*Vyen the only guy*

*By the playgound by the train*


*Sunray by the leaves*

*Our "tourguide" and Yvette*

*Train tracks* *I love long straight roads like this*

Then came a dog..

*THE dog*

*..and people starts to play with it..*

*Group photo with doggie*

Then comes the duck series..

*Little boy feeding ducks with bread*

*Ducks - like watching them, but don't like eating them*

Oh and there's a..I don't know what's it called..
But its bigger than ducks in size.

*We shall call it "bird"*

It is a beautifull weekend summer.
People bring their children and grandchildren to the park.

*Girl on train ride*

*"I wonder if UNCLE Vyen has bad intentions" said the girl*


*Cherlene acting cute as always*


*Cherlene wants duck for dinner*

*In the process of taking group photo with another camera*

*The whole BIG group*

*Wish you were here*

*Caught Peewee sleeping on the grass*

*Pooh and me*

*I wonder why always these three girls saja..*

After the park, we went for lunch.
And then I spotted another hot audi.

*Audi A4*

*Lunch at Subway. £1.99 each*
Lucky I brought my own sandwich *Didn't wanna spend much on food anyways*

After lunch, we walked for about 40minutes for a fruitless sight.
Walked so far but didn't get much of it *hehe*


*Green fields..but 40minutes for it??!!!*

*Ah Hock's favourite girl*

*See..even Andrew is tired after the walk*

Finally after walking back to the bus, we head for our next destination - Chatsworth House.
Chatsworth house used to be the living place for the duke and dutchess.
It is now a tourist attraction spot and also a famous house for films.
Parts of movies like Pride & Prejudice, wolfman, and the dutchess was shot in this very house.
I'm not going to write about that trip today as it is already 1am here.
Might continue after I wake up from my sleep.
Guess there should be enough photo spams for you tonight.

Next post - Chatsworth House OR Suxin's birthday!!

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