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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The day they went away..

Hi everyone!!!
Sorry for being away for a really long time but I had no choice.
I was out of internet coverage for some time now (:
Anyways there is a saying that everything has to come to an end..
So does the life in Bramall Court, Sheffield.

After spending the entire Summer in Bramall Court, we do have feelings for it..
Both people and place.
But sadly, on this day *refer to the date below* most of us will be leaving this place to explore Europe.
*Yes, almost everyone will be on their eurotrip*
So lets start the blog post!!


1st rule before leaving an accomodation.. have to pack your things.

Next, you will think about the days you spent in that very room..

..and try not to cry.

Since it would be the last day for the whole course to be in Bramall Court *where we stayed*
we had decided to organise a farewell party..
Jobs and responsibilities were delegated 6 hours before the party and everyone had a role to play.
We bought food,
We cooked some,
We prepared the tables etc..
Of course..we took photos too!!

*The table setting crew*

A few macho men carried the dining tables from our flats into the open space.
Some of us set up the table..
Nonetheless, we did it together..

*Setting up the tables together-gather*

Representatives from different flats cooked..

*The guy team from Flat 27 & 16*

*It involves food tasting too!!*

When everyone is ready, we start to feast!!!

*Last memories of the togetherness of AEM*

4 years of friendship.. worth nothing when it comes to food!!

*Snatch SNatcH SNATCH!!!!!*

Oh come'on!!!

*Janganlah makan sendiri~*

Show some love~~!!

*Feeding is caring*

Nothing beats having a good meal together.. feels like family.

While some are busy eating..

..others were busy taking photos..

As for me, I like posing with FOOD..

*The one on the left is not candid..I did that on purpose..*

Some have HUGE mouth..

*He finished a slice of pizza with 1 bite*

..others can't follow..

*Sunkel with just another regular sized mouth*

We help each other out..

*Sunkel helping LYR with drinks*

*Me helping Winnie with pizza*

Some uses food as props..

*Mei Mun*

..others prefer using drinks..


We love snatching food..

..and laughing out loud..

When its time for the 1st batch to leave..
The TONG HANG tour group members.
Kek, Tim, Charles, Mong Jia, Yuet Hwa
There will definitely be hugs..

..and tears..

Everyone said their goodbyes..

..and gave their salutes..

And there they go, on their adventure to Europe..

Although it was a simple farewell party,
but the company is what matters most right?
So what do we think about this party??

Everyone said, "GREAT!!!!!!"

I miss them...

Oh for more photos in this album, click here!!!

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