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Saturday, 24 October 2009

For her who emo-ed today..

NOTE TO SELF: Better blog more often!!!

Okay, I've already reminded myself not to be lazy and blog more often.
I got SO MUCH to blog weih!!!
So so so much!!!

Anyways this blog post is for the one and only!!
*You would've guessed who anyways..Just look at the photos below*
Hari ini, seseorang yang SPECIAL sangat emo~
So as the boyf, I gotta do something ler right??


Si princess ini craving for meatballs that day.
It was a Thursday.
I remember because she was supposed to have meatballs on Tuesday but didn't make it.
So I brought her out for it the next time we met, which was a Thursday.

I was supposed to pick Chien Hui up from Serdang and go to Sunway Pyramid to have a birthday gift made after lunch.
But Chien Hui said that she has to wait for the repairman so WE went out while waiting for Chien Hui's call.
Went to Ikea, head for the Ikea cafe right away!!

Here are the photos that we took that day.
Princess ini complained that we seldom take photos *WIDE SMILE*

From beloved

From beloved

From beloved

QUESTION: Why doesn't she look at the camera?
ANSWER: Because she's shy..right??

From beloved
You see, she smile until like that also know the answer is YES!!!

From beloved

From beloved

There you go..
After reading this blog post cannot emo anymore k?
No matter what happens you know I'll still be there for you..
*Sayang sayang*


  1. sweet...
    so, leslie more emo ya...

  2. wooo, woo..busy pak to ing lni

  3. Lol!!
    tarak manyak chance pak to maa!!!