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Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Leaning Tower of Pisa - How Leaning Can It Be??

Okay, lets talk about Italy today..
Specifically, Pisa!!

Upon arriving in Rome, we were greeted by Father Julian.
In case you forgot how he looks like,
here is his photo..

*Susan Chin, Stef Elena Chin, Father Julian*

After picking us up, Father Julian lead us to Rome’s terminal to head for Florence.
When most of our friends (both backpackers and tour followers) took coaches to travel,
we took trains for long distance travels.
It is indeed more expensive, but you do get what you paid for.
Comfort as well as short time needed to travel.
The trains cost us €200 for 5 days unlimited travel!!
A whole RM1000!!!
*Oh did I say what the €200 is student price?? Adult ones are about €300+*
But the cost of transportation is already calculated in your travelling budget so I guess its okay.

*Eurail Pass which costs €200 and my Passport*

*Eggplant, Bacon, and Tomato Panini* Panini = Bread

*A slim can of Sprite*
These 2 are our lunch *yums*

*Stef trying to feed Peewee but ended up posing for the camera*

*Florence Train Station*

*Can you find Rome, Venice, Pisa, and Florence there??*

Its all in Italian and they call it Firenze instead of Florence.

Most ALL of the trains are vandalised by graffiti.*

*A small part of Italy which isn't eye catching*

According to Father Julian's itinerary,
We’ll spend our first night in Florence but we’ll head for Pisa after checking in.
After a quick check-in, we board the train to Pisa, 1 hour ride from Florence.

*Florence is MY KIND of town..not really advanced nor fast paced*

*There are people walking, while some people sit on the bench and chit chat*

Such life..NICE!!!

*This is how a typical Italian building looks like*

*There are lots of street performers there too!!*

*Not to mention the statues available in Italy..*

*..their churches too!!*

*The streets of Pisa*

If you ask what's the one thing that I wouldn't forget about Italy,
I'll say "Gelato!!"
What's Gelato??
Its actually Italian ice-cream. All homemade!!

*You can never get enough gelato!!!*

Oh you can see that??
The building is leaning!!
Thats why its called the leaning tower.

*The leaning tower*

Its not really magnificent, but really worth looking at.

*No one will give up the chance to take a photo with it after travelling so far*

*..and also to do stupid things typical tourists do*

*I forgot if this is the Basilica..*

*..or was it this..*


Peewee has a chance to take a photo as well!!

Here are some more photos of the place..

After half a day in Pisa, we head back to Florence.

*Vandalised train*

Back in Florence, we were greeted by Emilio, Julian’s Italian friend.
Emilio is a really interesting man. He has a PhD in Geology and is married to a Malaysian.
Because his wife is a Malaysian, Emilio speaks english with Malaysian accent, also with the La’s and Wan’s. Really funny!!!
Oh he speaks mandarin too!!
Emilio, along with his brother took us to their home for dinner.
A really nice family. We had a really nice dinner.

They prepared many courses for us. A very italian-ish dinner they said.
1st course:
– Baguette with chicken liver spread *Really good!!!*
- Baguette with cheese and salmon spread *I know you’ll think its good but chicken liver tasted better!!*
- Salami, Bacon etc

2nd course – “Butterfly” Pasta with Salmon
3rd course – Oven baked pork chop, Salad, Oven baked potatos, tomatos.
Dessert – Gelato (Choc with liqour, Oak seed, Lemon)

We spent alot of time eating and chatting. A really nice family.

*Family dinner*

We talked alot, feels like having dinner with my family again.
That made me miss them alot.
After the dinner, Fung kinda emo-ed.
He said that dinner made him wanna go back home faster.
Hehehe~ We’re such “home-ly” people (:

After the warm dinner, we head back to our hotel to rest.

And thats all for our 1st day in Italy.
More to come next time!!

Oh the next one will be Florence - Duomo..
Not a really long post I guess..

Sneak Peek:

*Praying in the Dome*

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