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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Jason Goh belanja McD's!!

Fancy a free McD lunch??
Well, all you have to do is to call Jason and say "Brader, I go find you for lunch okay?"
and THERE!!! You get your free lunch at McD's.
Be sure not to be late or else you have to treat him instead!! LOL!

Anyways, I drove all the way to TPM, Technology Park Malaysia today to meet Jason.
Why? I don't know why also. Prolly cuz I'm too free!!
We went to the McD's at Petronas Bukit Jalil, it was JAM PACKED i tell you!!
He said its a pretty popular spot la so memang hard to get place.
Fine, move on to the next spot.

We ended up in Endah Parade McD's.
So much difference from the previous place.
Made our order, then camwhored abit. Yes, just abit.

Not ready for camera yet.

Showing off his BIG mac.

Ehh I also got okay!!

Who stole my fries??!!

It wasn't stolen laa, emptied it at the tray.
*Btw, did we finish the fries??*

Had been some time since I crave McD's.

But I'm still lovin' it!!

No other props to pose with, so Alpha For The WIN!!!

There you have it, free lunch by Jason.
Thanks man!! Good to see you again!!
Oh btw, if you think you can really get a free lunch out of him, do try your luck.
I don't guarantee you'll get it!!
But of course, you'll get a poisonous iphone session and a good time.
He might let you play the "pull the toilet roll" game. LOL!!

and IF you want to to come have lunch with you, just call me!!
Its your treat of course!!