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Sunday, 3 January 2010

When good deeds turned bad..

NOTE: (Almost) everyone's New Year's Resolution is to post up a blog post every day.
Many photographers call it project 365 in their flickr and photoblogs.
BUT..I'm not gonna hop onto that wagon. Too lazy to..hehe!!

Okay, been wanting to write about this a long time ago but didn't do it.
This title was left in my "Blog Post" list for months, and its time for it to show!!

How can good deeds turn bad, you ask?
I'm sure you've experienced it before.
When you tried to be helpful but ended up causing more trouble..
When you sympathize certain people and "donated" your change just to find yourself conned.
There are just so many ways for a good deed to turn bad.
But is it our fault? In certain cases..yes.

Was watching a drama one day and someone in the show said "总之做人只求心安理得"
and the moment strucked me.
We've been approached by many people who asks for donation, if not for their own.
Too many that we label them as "pests"
Some drag their disabled comrades along, some dress up as monks etc.
When our senses detected such people around while having lunch at a coffee shop,
we immediately put up our defenses, deaf ears, and grouchy faces.

Why do we do that?
"Volunteers" who got donations from us are given some commission.
The company they work for gets profit sharing.
In the end, the beneficiary might only get RM5 from the RM10 we donated..maybe less.
Some "monks" will be seen walking towards their car. Toyota Camry maybe??
The society has gotten sick of showing empathy to such people.

Do you know that most old folks home and orphanage cannot support their own expenses due to the lack of sponsors?
They don't have any income other than being sponsored and getting donations from the public.
That is why they have to get help from companies that will provide people to go out and collect donation.
Sharing the donation with the companies as "profit sharing" is a small price to pay.
At least they are getting some income.
PEOPLE, its not like they have a choice k.

We don't like such companies. "Stealing" from the public's compassion.
But what can we do?
We can always get the address and phone number of the homes and send a cheque directly to them.
We can also call them to ask if they need any commodities like rice, salt, and oil.
That way, we know that they're getting 100% of what we donated, right?
I don't condemn the people or companies who tries to get donation from the public.
They're trying to help but we can't be idealistic.
Everyone needs to eat and we can't work for free.
So "profit sharing" and "commissions" are essential.

So yeah, next time you meet such people, try not to ignore them.
If you really don't want to donate, tell them nicely.
Else, get their address and phone number and leave them with some hope.
They are humans too..
Of course, don't be blind and donate to people whom you know is trying to cheat you.

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