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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why I Like It Longer - Because Longer is Better!!!

Why longer, not shorter??
Because longer is better!!!!

Why would you like it longer?
I don't know, but I DO KNOW why I like it longer!!

Longer holidays!!
Don't you just love holidays??
It'll be great if holidays can be longer so you would have more time to relax!!
With longer holidays, I can go places I wouldn't normally go.
I can take photos of many things I wouldn't take!!
Oh I just wish that there are longer holidays!!

Longer hours a day!!!
Have you feel that you need more time in a day?
You'd love this clock then.
Yes, you're looking at a clock which shows 84 minutes to an hour.
Why 84??
Because its longer and you'll have more time to do anything!!

Imagine having 24 minutes extra to your favourite drama.
Or paying the same amount of money and get 24 minutes extra at a cybercafe or foot massage.
84 minutes to an hour means more time for you to sleep!!
There is so much goodness in the extra 24 minutes. So good!!

Longer car!!!
Limousines makes heads turn right??
Don't pretend that you don't look at super long cars will your head can't turn anymore when they passes you.
Longer cars are super cool!! Why so?
Because you don't get it all the time!
Cruisin' in your very own limo. I like!!

Longer phone!!
Isn' she a beauty??
Let me introduce to you the new LG Chocolate.
It features a 4-inch touch sensitive wide screen.
Comes with a 5-megapixel camera.
Unlike any phone you've seen before, this phone has a 21:9 ratio widescreen panoramic display.
Longer screen means better web browsing, no more side scrolling.
Don't you wish you're long, slim, and stylish?
Well, you'll never get as close as the new LG Chocolate (BL 40) so why don't you just get one and make the crowd turn heads??

LG Chocolate (BL 40) truly makes you love anything longer.

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