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Monday, 11 January 2010

Sony's First Ever Pro-Shop in Malaysia

Woot!! Congrats to Sony to open its 1st ever Alpha Pro-Shop in Malaysia!!
Actually not counted as OPEN la, cuz Studio Zaloon got "converted" into it. haha!!

Anyways if you're wondering what i'm talking about,
Studio Zaloon (the camera shop I often get my gears from) has been converted into a Pro-Shop.
It means that there is a FULL DISPLAY of Sony Alpha gears in the shop.
Unlike Sony Style which are available in many shopping malls,
the Pro-Shop doesn't sell Sony Walkman, Vaio, Bravia etc. Only Alphas.

I went for the Opening Ceremony for this event.
The "rumoured" lucky draw prizes attracted me. haha!!
It was said to be Alpha A550, SAL18250 lens + some other stuff.
But sadly, the lucky draw prize isn't that. That's just a "hamper" which we can purchase at a special price.

Back to the opening. Here are some photos.

Grand Opening!!

A man looking at the HUGE collection of lenses

Thats all for the photos I took. I'm used to taking "clean" shots so I hardly take when there were lotsa humans moving around. haha!!

Anyways the event started at 12pm, and ended at 5pm.
Why so long? Cuz of the photo competition.
Photo Competition was from 1:30pm - 4:30pm.
3 whole hours weih!! Just for 1 photo?
Lazy to take ler.
So i hung out with some new friends I know at the event.

1st, we went to LowYatPlaza. Got a 4GB CF card for my A200.
Then while thinking where to have a drink, we went to Times Square and ended up at Starbucks.

Whipped cream which Ben Jern can only look at, not eat it.

Bryan's, Mine, Jason's

Haven't had you for a long time!!

During the hang out, Ben Jern and Jason kept poisoning Bryan and me with the Iphone.
They showed us the apps etc. Then started fighting over who's panaroma app is the best.
Then, there goes the Panaroma Challenge.

1st round

Ben Jern showing off his cool app

2nd round

Jason:"YOU DON'T MOVE YA!!!"

In case you were wondering, yes, thats smashpOp.
His turn to show off his panaroma app.

After the two finished arguing, then they ganged up to poison us again.
All in all it was a pretty fun iphone poison session ler.
We never forget to take photos. hehe
So here's one last photo of the four of us.


Oh in case you were wondering what lucky draw prize were there.
They are Sony Alpha Studio Light Stand with Umbrella.
Not too practical for people like me...yet.


  1. Hi Leslie, we've added a link to your post for the Alpha Pro-shop launch last week in Check it out !

  2. leslie leslie....
    next time go starbucks, buy this...
    d keychain look so nice man...
    i soooo wanted to get one...=p