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Monday, 23 June 2008

The BEST Movie with the BEST Person at the BEST Time~

Yes..MADE OF HONOUR made my day yesterday..
I happen to be watching the RIGHT movie, with the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time..
Although my BESTFRIEND expected much more than that, but I'm pretty satisfied with it~

IMO, this movie is NOT best watched with your partner *hehe* but watch it with your BESTFRIEND of the opposite gender *If you have one*
Of course I'll be smart enough not to reveal anything about the movie *as I'm sure there're a few of you who haven't watched it yet..*

According to EVIE, my moodswings change faster than hers..
I was unhappy when I fetched her for the movie *according to her* and as the movie ended, I have this SMILE on my face..and I can't seem to get it off~

Dear dear EVIE,
I wasn't emoing because of the thing you think ler okay..You know how I hate to be late at times..
I know how much you want to watch this movie and I just didn't wanna be late and make you miss the BEST PART of the movie mer..
I was unhappy because I was pretty late..No further explanation needed..
So you see, I'm not EMO-ING okay..

I'm sorry that the movie doesn't meet EVIE's expectations *this is what happen when you WANT to watch it so much and hear lotsa OVERRATED reviews about it right??*
But to me, this movie is a really sweet BESTFRIEND movie..
*Yesh yesh..I've been emphasizing a lot about BESTFRIEND..*
Seriously, of the oh-not-so-many movies I've watch with EVIE, this has to be one of the BEST I've watched..*Not because of the plot, but the company made a hellota difference..More than others..*

I'm not trying to overrate the movie review *I know I have already..*
The reason I had such good review about this movie is because:
1. I've never watched the movie trailer and forgotten about it..
2. I watched it with my bestfriend..
3. Patrick Dempsey is still DREAMY *Can't believe I'm saying that!!!*
4. Michelle Monaghan is oh-so-HOT!! *Totally my type of girl!!*
5. Its the 1st BESTFRIEND sweet romance I've watched *Until EVIE can think of another one*
6. EVIE has been wanting to watch this movie since last year..

Michelle Monaghan is HOT alright!!! *At least in the movie..*

Evie, *once again..*
I love watching the movie with you whether you like the movie or not..
Its so sweet seeing what Patrick and Michelle do in the movie..
I believe that different bestfriends do things differently..
And I believe that we do things the "tissue paper & sanitary pad" way..
We just have to "revive" that already..Start buying Premier and I'll buy Whisper..haha~!!!
I love you, EVIE..
Lets just hope, we can be BFF's and NOT be like the movie..
I sure do not wanna spoil your marriage..haha~!!!

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