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Monday, 9 June 2008

I'm a Stomach Sleeper~!!! *Hee*

I'm a stomach sleeper~!!
Went to Ikano Power Centre on sunday with my family..
and I saw this!~!!

*For stomach sleepers*

Oooh~ Thats right~!!!I'm a stomach sleeper..
I'm not the others~!!!
So this pillow is RIGHT for me~!!

*This is not my sleeping style*

After Ikea, we went to the curve to makan..
Remember how much I love beef??
Today I made HISTORY!!!
Went to a vietnamese noodle house PHO HOA located next to the teh tarik place..
The beef noodle had SO MUCH BEEF that I got sick of it..hahaha~
But the Salty Plum Soda wan GOOD!!!

*The HISTORIC bowl of beef noodle - Steak and Flank*

After the FILLING lunch, went to cold storage to get supplies for that night's korean BBQ *Yummy!!*
Then I bumped into COOKIE MONSTER!!!!
hahaha~ So happy to bump into it~

*Cookies with cookie monster in it*

That was a really great day~!!! Had my very own adventure..haha~!!!
*Okay I'm hyper...lalala*

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