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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Strawberries STRAWberries STRAWBERRIES!!!!!

I have 3 Strawberry friends..

The 1st was Elizabeth *I don't know if she's still using that name*

Next is Cheryl *She use any -berry names*

Last one is my 4 times junior(Primary, Secondary, NS, College) *PROUDS*
*She's called strawberry tomato*
See..I have lotsa strawberries in my life..
And I'm loving each and everyone of them...
Why do I like strawberries so much? I don't know..
Now, to show off my strawberries~
Evie did this for me because of my strawberry addiction..

*Isn't it lovely??!!!* *Sorry its upside down*
I love Gloria Jean's Strawberries & Cream..

Today, I had Strawberry Milk Tea..

*Yesh..I love Strawberries..*
There are a few strawberries which I didn't have photos about..
Those are Strawberries *The actual fruits bought from Cameron*
Dried Strawberries *Also from Cameron*
Strawberry Milkshake *McD's last Sunday*
Strawberries in the world, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. gor... dun shout so loud la.. i know u love me... i noe everyone noe my name called 'strawberry' de.. dun shout so loud la.. later ppl go whack u ar.. haha................