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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A birthday party to remember~

On Father's Day (15th June 2008), I became a bad son because I didn't celebrate Father's Day with my family *hehe* because my family already celebrated it the day before..

Anyways the reason why I didn't REcelebrate Father's Day on sunday is because I have a birthday party to attend..And like the title said, it IS a party to remember..

So why is it so special?
My friend *The birthday girl* is actually in a wheelchair permenantly..I wouldn't call her disabled nor special needed because these kinda people are as normal as we can be..
So, this friend of mine, LING LING lives in Beautiful Gate SS2, a disabled career training centre *thats what they call themselves*

It is surprising to see so many EXTRAordinary people over there..And none of them sat there doing nothing..It is a BBQ party, with 6 BBQ stoves there..Although people in wheelchairs are not able to BBQ by themselves, they helped out by preparing the chicken wing, sausages, corn, drinks, fruits etc *see!!They aren't that disabled afterall..*

I wanted to take photos of that pretty sight but I didn't because I'm not sure if they mind..So I played it safe and just do without the photos..hehe~

The heart warming scene didn't just end there..In fact, it just started..During meal time, I saw many people feeding each other as if the other person could not feed themselves..This is actually a practice they do there to remind each other that someone out there always need their help *SEE!!!Even the so-called-disabled can help people..*

When the sky started to turn dark, it is SHOWTIME for the centre *okay okay, not really showtime* It was actually a presentation about that centre itself..Before starting, we celebrated Father's Day by getting all the fathers out *Including a father with only 20% eyesight* and sang a modified version of a mother's song *Because no one can think of any songs dedicated to fathers..* During the singing session, the children of the fathers came and hug their fathers..Although most of them are already grown ups, but they are not shy to even kiss their dads in front of everyone..At that moment, I couldn't help but wipe the wetness in my eyes because of that scene..

Soon after, its time for the birthday celebration of my friend *and other JUNE babies* and as usual, everyone sang as happily as they can be..

After some fun and games *and also come introduction of upcoming activities* Pei San *A girl that is disabled* wants to do a presentation for everyone..Pei San has a more serious degree of disability..I don't really know what you call it, but she has difficulties controling her limbs, facial, and speech..She looks almost like *Whats that guy's name* Dr. Steven Hawkings..I'm not sure since when has she been like that, but she's been working *Selling newspapers I think* to earn some money and make a good use of herself..

That day, Pei San wanted to present her mother with a gift as a token of gratitute and love..Her mother has been taking care of her endlessly since the death of her father..Despite the difficulty in controlling her speech, Pei San said "Thank you for taking care of me with all your heart, mother. I will always treasure you, and love you with whatever is left of me..This heart, will always be yours."

Eh, you'll be SO heartless if you don't even feel a thing when she said that la *if you're there at least* Knowing how USELESS I can be, my eyes can't even hold on to the amount of tears in my eyes already..hehe~ Just when I was about to take control of my emotions, Pei San took out a box of Eu Yan Sang chicken stock and gave it to her mom..WAH!!!!!! Cannot tahan lagi..Tap open..haha~!!!!

After those events, its time to say bye bye to the place as I head home..Even so, my heart still remains there..and I wouldn't wanna trade that night's experience for anything else..It made me grow..

:: LOVE is not LOVE until it is given away ::

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