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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Malaysian Cooks should REALLY learn how to cook~

Before my camp, Evie, Yin, and I went for a movie..
*What movie was that again???*
I think its Ironman...right??

Anyways, after the movie, I suggested that we try out the newly found cafe GREENWOOD *Right??*
Its not really new ler just that I just noticed it..haha~
Anyways the price was a lil higher than I expected but don't care, we just tried it..

I ordered strip beef tenderloin *I think* and expected it to be alright..
As usual, I asked for a MEDIUM RARE beef..
Mana tau when it came, I was kinda disappointed~!!!
Its MORE than medium RARE..
Its more like medium DONE!!!!!

So I rejected it without touching it *So there's resell value*
and I asked for MEDIUM RARE beef..
While waiting, my lovely muis camwhored..haha

*Stef's always missing..haha*

After the food came again, *yin almost finished her food ddi* I was once again disappointed..
This was how my MEDIUM RARE beef looked like..

*My beef looks more like 5% done rather than 30% done..*

Sweat okay~!!!How to makan this kinda beef??
Think i'm a carnivor ke???
Anyways I was lazy to reject it again so I challenged myself to swallow that piece of FLESH..haha
It tasted alright, really raw..
But its still alright..haha

*Haha..My greedy face..lalala*

Lets take a look at the FLESH again shall we??

*I cut it open..and this was how it looked like..haha*

So there..Know why Malaysian cooks should really LEARN how to cook??
Or at least, make a DECENT steak for MY sake...hehe~

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