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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Dino + Grace's Birthday~

Remember the 30 Hour Famine Camp I went this year??
Well, Dino and Grace (commitees) celebrated their birthday yesterday...
*Dino was yesterday, Grace, earlier..*
So, went to pick cHieN up yesterday..
*Who's cHieN??*

*cHien, meet everyone...Everyone, meet cHieN*

Okay, after picking cHieN up in Serdang..We made our way to Ampang..
I have a really weird disability you know!!!
Whenever I'm driving alone, I'm fine..
But when there's a girl sitting next to me in the car *Whoo* I always got lost!!!
*Okay, didn't exactly get lost, but I used the wrong road..*
Yesterday, the same thing happened...TWICE!!!

While ALMOST reaching Lookout Point *Our destination* we stopped at Old Town due to the traffic light..
And cHieN took my camera and played with it..

*Oldtown with free parking..anyone??*

Upon reaching the destination, all we did there was eat, photo, talk, photo, photo, photo, photo..
So there's nothing much to see except photos right??
My camera alone had 98 photos ddi..
But i'm only gonna choose the nice ones..
Here goes!!!

*Kissy kissy*

*Guys..adorable guys..*

*Try guessing how old is he..*

*We look alike right??!!*

*Looks like he's carrying me..But he's not..*

*cHieN and Sam*

*Started posing..*

*Went outta hand!!*

*Jessie, Me, Wing*

*He did that on purpose!!! I SWEAR!!!*

*THE birthday cake*

*Bee Cupcake*

*Sheep Cupcake*


*Cakap nak feed the birthday boy...*

*...In the end, sendiri makan*

Everyone had a great time seeing each other again..
Some met each other quite often, some rather seldom..
But yet again, its the time of our lives and we enjoyed it!!

And if you're wondering what made me happy??
Its being with friends once again..Something I haven't done for a long time..


  1. gor, u really always get lost wor.. haha

  2. wei...i din eat d bee...
    dino eat it..=(