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Monday, 13 October 2008

What a weekend~!!!

As usual, when there's a charity drive, my parents will be helping out..
So they dragged me along too la!!
Since my sis, Monica couldn't help out because she's having fun in Pulau Pangkor, I had to drag someone with me to take her place..
That lucky one is none other than Eling!!!
*cough cough*
Actually she's chosen only because Chien Huey is working, and Her Sheng is in Hong Kong!!
*Comforts Eling*

So, this charity drive is a Food/Fun fair organised by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to help raise funds for those patients in need..
Date: 12th October 2008
Time: 9am - 3pm
Venue: Boulevard 3 two Square

*Theme of the fair*

This year, we continued selling popcorn *We always do!!*
and there's a new item in the menu~
Home Baked Muffins!!! Chocolate or Banana Flavour..

Had to pick Eling up from her place before heading to the fair..
I reach for my wallet for exactly RM1.60 for the LDP toll..
Didn't have Smart tag at time because it was STOLEN!!
Click here if you don't know what happened..
After holding the money in my hand, I drove to the wrong lane!!!
This was what happened *As illustrated by Eling*

*Went to the right-most lane*

*Reversed when I noticed I do not have a Smart Tag*

*Drove 4 lanes to the left to the cash lane*

Pardon the ugly drawing..
Eling did it..
Oh, if you still don't get it, the black dot is my car, and the coloured circles are other cars..

After laughing over that stupid thing I did, we reached at the fair on time!!
That smart girl don't know how to have breakfast BEFORE I come..
And when we were there, I caught her doing this!!

*Pinch the Banana Muffin*

*Put it in her mouth*

Caught red handed weih~!!!
Think no one will notice the small pinch eh??
Hehe...Actually I see her so pitiful, so I gave her a muffin as breakfast~

Next, I'll introduce my youngest sister, Crystal~!!
She's the popcorn master in my house..
Usually she'll be in charged or making the popcorn, and I pack and seal it..
*Yeah..She do the hard work*

*Busy busy popping corns!!*

*Oily?? But tasty!!!*

*Why so lil popcorn??!!*

Actually there's a reason why there's so lil popcorn in that machine..
You see, those normal popcorn vendors you see outside didn't study marketing like I did!!
The photo above was taken when we're totally sold out and have to make summore due to popular demand!!
Frankly, this is the 1st charity fair I've been where our booth totally went out of stock!!
People have to be in the waiting list to purchase muffin..and popcorn!!!
*When do you need to wait for popcorn??!!!*

People in the fair are patient...Really patient!!!
From that fair, I really experienced "Virtue"
Because people waited for as long as 90mins just for a bag of popcorn!!!
*I wouldn't do that...seriously..*

I didn't really have time to take photos like I planned to..
Because we were all SO busy!!!
So once I get to rest *awhile* I quickly snapped a photo of the neighbouring crowd..
Just for show..

*This is our neightbour*

I didn't even have time to take photos of the muffin daddy and mommy made!!!!
I heard that they were delicious!!!
But I'm not sure..Cuz I didn't get to try them ):

At the end of the day *About 2pm* we closed the stall because we didn't wanna make anymore popcorn and the muffin are totally sold out!!
I don't know how much did we collected *Because we don't have the key to open the box*
But there's a teaser to let you guys see how full the box was..

*Its really really full*

After we cleaned up, my parents took us to makan tengah hari *at 3pm*
We had Roast Duck Rice!!!!
After makaning, Eling told me she don't eat duck..
But she ate it anyways...Sorry Lingz...

Thats ALMOST what happened at the fair..
If you wanna know more *or see my image being blown away* you can read Eling's blog.. <<<<<>
I laughed SO HARD while reading it until my stomach actually hurts!!

Hrm..Have to continue doing work now..
Thats the simple, yet kinda long update af my weekend!!!

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