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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Just be yourself,
cuz life's too short to be anybody else..

This blog title has been on my blog list for a very long time..
There can't be any better time to write it than now!!

Life's really too short..
Too short for tears..
Too short for sorrows..
Too short for unhappy stuff..
Too short to be someone we aren't..

Why should we dwell in the past which causes tears to our eyes?
Why should we be someone we aren't just to please others??

Although there are loads of people who dislike the way I do things,
but are they really THAT important??
Can't I live without them??
I CAN live without them!!
So should I change because of them??

Hey, this doesn't mean that I shouldn't change myself..
We should try to correct our mistakes when we are aware of it..
But we should change because of OTHERS..
We should change because of OURSELVES..
See the difference there??

I should learn from Eling *my leader*
Should get up on my feet once again and face the challenges ahead..
I have to face those challenges no matter what,
why face it with a broken heart instead of a smile??

Today, reading these words *This blog title* brought new meaning to me..
Really happy about it!!

Although the broken heart shattered into a million pieces,
I still can't seem to heal it yet..
But the 'ME' I am now isn't the same as the 'ME' I was earlier..
Gotta walk the distance!!!

Inspired by: Step up 2 the streets


  1. 凡走过必留下痕迹8 October 2008 at 16:38

    I'm very happy to see it..
    hope everything will be going better and better..
    It will be a brighter future very soon..

  2. 容许我用华语留言~~