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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Youth '09!!!!!

There was YOUTH '08 this year..
Now theres going to be YOUTH '09~!!!!!

Whats is it all about???

"Earlier in the year, a few of us invited Malaysian youths from all walks of life to meet up. Then you and your friends came. All 20,000 of you.
As 20,000 Malaysian youths gathered, participating in over a hundred different activities, sponsors pitched in RM300,000 worth of cash and prizes for everyone. The buzz created over a million ringgit of media value, and touched the lives of many. Malaysia has never seen such a gathering."
- Quoted by Youthsays

This Year, its gonna be twice the size, anticipating 500,000 youths!!
*The organisers should really learn to count..*
Its gonna be hip, youthful, and fun!! *Cuz I'm gonna be there*

Whats so FUN about YOUTH '09??

These are some of the events in YOUTH '09..

I'm sure these banners do not need any explanation..
Hyped out yet??
I am!!!
If you are, you can click on any banners above to get your FREE PASS!!!
*Yes, you need a pass to get in and I have already got mine!!*
All you need to do to get the FREE PASS is to click on the banners above, or the banner below..

Next, you just have to register yourself, and get your FREE PASS!!!

Oh, I forgot...the details~!!!!
Date: 9-11 January 2009
Time: 10:30am - 9:30pm
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

There!!! Now, move your butt and get your PASS!!
I'll see you there~

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