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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Gosh~!!! I haven't been updating my blog until people have to ask me to update it *Points at Egg-gy*

So, what have I been doing lately??
My life's pretty packed now, you see..
*Evie should know cuz I haven't been seeing her for 2 months ddi*

My life (the recent one)
- Studies
Trying to concentrate as much as possible in class now since this will be my final semester in TARC..Don't wanna fail any subjects now..My CGPA has been dropping ever since my 2nd semester of Advance Diploma..From 3.75 -> 3.40 -> 3.22..Ms Soh Yen Loo (My program supervisor) has asked me to see her *I don't think anyone knows that* to talk to me about my grades..See how badly am I doing now??Gotta buck up this semester *Promised her that* and since its my FINAL semester, why not study more just for a few months, right?

- Tuition
My main source of income..Getting more and more involved in tuition now..Why? Because SPM is only a month away and I have to get my student ready for her exams..Have been adding classes, lengthening tuition duration..Anything that can get her ready for the exams!! Hopefully she will do well in her exams..I don't ask for much, as long as she give it her best!!

- Camps
Camps..People know that I just came back from camp when I look tired and really really moody..The lack of sleep and the stress of organising it has taken its toll on me..Like before, I'm in a bad mood lately..This is because I just came back from a camp on Monday *2 days ago* No doubt that I learn alot everytime I go for camp, I'm really happy that I grow with each camp..But sometimes I fall down, sometimes I get hurt..Is it worth it?? I think so, but I don't know..Still, Jetavana needs me and I need it too..

- Work
Another source of my income comes from working for Grey Two *G2* I've worked there as a promoter/supervisor for Sensodyne toothpaste in Giant Stadium Shah Alam in August..It lasted for 2 weeks..They've called me several times to work for them once again but I couldn't make it because of the commitments I have..Now, I started working for them once again..This time, 2 weeks of being a supervisor *Don't need to promote this time* and I have 3 promoters under me..Meaning I have to go to 3 different places in a day..Several times!!!! The money is hard earned money, nett income is VERY little *After minusing the petrol etc* but still, I chose to work for them..Why? I have no idea..

- Leisure
Haven't been doing much for leisure lately..Its always class, tuition, camp, work..Haven't been getting alot of sleep also..The last time I have a afternoon nap is 80years ago!! haha~!!! So not much leisure except for the sweden meatball trip last week..Anymore lately? I'm not too sure..
*Now you see why I seldom blog??*

- Bodhi Workshop
I realise that I've been committing myself in more and more activities..Its not really good for me..Not much time to spare..Anyways I've been wanting to join this workshop for a really long time already but I didn't have the time to spare..Right now, I have the time to spare so I attend their activities..Just started going there not too long ago, so I still know know much about it..Nonetheless, it'll be good for me in terms of my Dharma Knowledge..

I guess there's not much in my life other than these..I've not been seeing my friends lately..I really miss them, but I guess i'm trying to do everything I can before stepping into the working world..I know that once I started working, I'm gonna have to give up all my commitments except for work, and leisure..So please forgive me ya~!!! I'll join you guys soon..

This is the longest post *in terms of word count* I have for a very very long time..And it is one of those which I don't include photos or pictures in it..Why?? Because I am very tired as I didn't have much sleep, and I have to complete my Integrated Marketing Communication presentation for tomorrow..

Sorry for the boring post, but I'm sure those peeps who read it will be my true friends..hehe~

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  1. walao erh... wan so bz merh? lolx.... relax bit lar.. =P