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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Oh..Happy day~ *??*

I wanna sing that song..
I wanna go
~Oh, Happy day~
~Oh, Happy day~

But I can't..
I'm having a really really bad feeling today..
It came from a series of challenges that I must face today..

1st challenge:
My camera's CF card got corrupted..
Photos of yesterday all gone..
But luckily I recovered it by using recovery softwares created by hackers..
Time taken: 1hr
Heart damage: 40%

2nd challenge:
Was browsing through blogs and suddenly Google blocked my IP..
It said that my laptop gave an abnormal search request *or something like that*
and it actually comes from viruses or trojans..
How could this be??!!!!
Then I realise that it is because of the recovery software I used..
There are trojans inside because it has to bypass my OS security to recover those files..
Then I scanned it with my antivirus, removed the trojan and now I can browse again freely!!
Time taken: 2hrs
Heart damage: 20%

My heart is officially weak now..
Its only 11:45am and my heart is 60% gone~!!!
I have a whole lot to go through today..
Hopefully everything's fine..

1 comment:

  1. but u stil left 40% mah.. hehe (^_^)
    luckily everything is fine now jor mah.. hehe