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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Luo Ting Yan's new surnames~

Super crazy conversation between Eling and I..
Its about Ting Yan's name..

*So..What's so funny about her name?*

I shall introduce her to my blog readers now..
*Meet Ting Yan (left)*

Just ignore the person on the right *Laughs*
It all started like this..
During camp, Wen Yea *No photo* was talking to Eling *Right in the photo*
She said:" Ting Yan right, Ting Yan right..."
The nearly-tone-deaf Eling heard "Ting Dian (停电) right, Ting Dian right.." *Meaning: Electricity outage*
Quite a number of us heard and thats the beginning of Ting Yan's nightmare!!!!!

Just now while talking to Ting Yan online,
I asked her not to Ting Dian *Meaning: Cut the powerr supply* because I wanna do my work..
It was meant to be a joke and she took it very well..
Then I asked her to change her surname to "Mei" *Our camp leader's surname* that she'll be called 没停电*Meaning: No electricity outage*

Soon after that, I told Eling..
And hence our conversation..


"ting dian changed her surname ddi..She's now the sister of the last camp leader..haha"
"mei ting dian (没停电)~!!!!! hahaha"
"yeah yeah~!!!!ting dian (停电) very must be mei ting dian(没停电)!"
"she can be my sis too~~" yao ting dian (要停电)*Meaning: Wanna have electricity outage*
"cannot!!!!dowana ting dian!!!"
"can be qiong qian's sis also~!!"
"hahahahahahahaha...deng ting dian (等停电)*Meaning: Waiting for power outage* leh???hahahaha"
"qiong qian ar~!!wu ting dian (无停电)*Meaning: No power outage*~!!hahaha but deng ting dian (等停电) is cool~hahaha"
"but me talking about deng ting dian (等停电) ma...haha wu ting dian (无停电) i know..haha"
"den if beckham *a girl* marries u den she can be ur xu ting dian (也许停电) *Meaning: Perhaps power outage*~!!!!"
"weih~!!!!!!beckham marries zhi ying wan la..."
"den ye ye ting dian (夜夜停电)*Meaning: Power outage every night* everynight also ting dian ahahah~"
"she can be so many ppl's sis and daughter"

*Here's a photo of Zhi Ying(Left) and Beckham(Right)!!

Its amazing how can 1 person's name be transformed into a conversation topic..haha
I wonder if that poor Ting Yan will be able to sleep despite the sneezing she will get when we talk about her..hehe~

Lesson of the conversation:

Think carefully before giving your children a name..
And never ever let Wen Yea call you names again!! *haha*

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