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Friday, 7 November 2008

:: Night by the lake ::

*Continued from the last post*

...So after the mini surprise birthday party, Eewen was still hyper..
She suggested that we go to the lakeside while having beer..Tony and Alice agreed almost instantly!!!
*Well, one's not feeling really jolly, and another one..I dunno*
cHieN said that she's tired *after badminton and all* so she went back with her badminton friends..
So sad...Don't have cHieN ddi..

After getting some beer, we went to the lake by the mines..
I haven't been there for a long long long time..
and now that i'm there with my camera, I made wonders!!hehe~

*If I could live there....*

*Tony pose*

*Meteor garden???*

*Emo shot* *I love these photos*

*I love this photo too~*

*Back 2 back*

*Talents can't contain their feelings anymore~!!!*

There are quite alot of photos summore actually, but it'll be too many for the eyes...
Most of them are quite the no point kan???
Now now..where to go shooting next??


  1. - No flash
    - No tripod *forgot to bring*
    - 70mm zoom
    - 2sec shutter speed
    - Beer in belly
    How not to be blur??
    haha~!!!! Lucky blur is the far shot only..

  2. thanx to u....
    without ur help tat day, d surprise will not be success.....

  3. next shooting...

    putrajaya bridge...=p

  4. wah! 2 sec.. @.@

    next shooting: potrait shooting mau?

  5. Lol~ Thats the punishment for being lazy and don't bring tripod la!!!

    Potrait shooting?? Cool~ You're talking about shooting my housemate ke??Haha

  6. finding people to be model.. ahah