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Friday, 7 November 2008

Night out with beautiful photos..

I guess by now i'm known as the blogger-with-super-late-posts..
Hehe~ Was supposed to write this post on Monday but I procrastinate until now..
*Bloggers procrastinate blogging??*

Went out with some friends I met from the 30 Hour Famine Camp..
It was a surprise mini party for a nice friend, Eewen..
Of course, I'm not so free to initiate the idea..
cHieN *Her close friend* said she wanted to surprise Eewen,
so I helped!!

Its really amazing seeing those two girls together..
Whats amazing is the story behind their friendship..
Wanna know the story??
*Its so out of the topic..but who cares??!!!*

*The Eewen-cHieN story*

You see, it was during the 30 hour Famine camp this year..
The two of them met each other..
Eewen is a caring, sisterly friend..
cHieN on the other hand, talks to everyone but defends her heart alot *Thats what I think*
Normally, for a 2day camp, friendship will go Hi-Bye if you didn't do anything to contact each other..
But surprisingly, the two not-so-close friends became super-close-friends overnight..
Almost everyone asked "How long have both of you knew each other??"
Its hard to believe that 2 hearts that just knew each other can be so close..
Everytime I see both of them, I'm touched because we're priviledged with the ability to love..
*Oh this reminds me of Dan in Life but I'll not elaborate it*

It was nice to finally surprise Eewen..
She wasn't the easy-to-surprise people but the timing was right!!
So here are the photos..
*I find them really beautiful!!*

*The cake that I bought - Rocky Road*

*I love this photo - Wishing making*

*Lesbie - ET, lovely girl..*

*Badminton buddies go COOL*

*Sisterly love~!!!* *Love this photo too!!*

*Model-to-be posing with Eaten-cake-to-be*

*Eewen with Alice* *Grandma??*

*8 for a party..Pretty mini..*

*3 stoogers hanging on the rail...*

Thats pretty much about the mini party..
That night, Eewen was so hyper!!
She didn't wanna go back yet so some of us went to the mine's lake..
Took beautiful photos there but I have no time to blog now..
I'll blog as soon as i'm back from the talk in college~!!!

PS: Please give credits to my camera Sony Alpha A200..
All the photos are captured by it..haha!!!

Will add in more colours when i'm back~!!!


  1. hey...
    thanx for ur sweet post...
    its really touch me....
    no worries, i will treasure tis friendship very well...
    er...should said WE WILL....

    both of us knew tat its not ez to get so close in a short-time....
    n i believe, our friendship will get last long...
    right ET?????

    thanx leslie for ur post....

  2. Thank you my dear lovely and sweetly friend..

    Friends come and friends go, love arrives and love disappears,
    but it's how we deal with them when it comes, and how we slot in the drips and drabs into our life..

    So.. thank God for I've met all these fantastic people like everyone of you~

    Seriously appreciate it~