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Monday, 24 November 2008

SBS Night a.k.a RM10 Prom..

Just went for the cheapest Prom I've ever been too..
The ticket costs us RM10!!
There's a promotion summore..
Buy 10 get 1 free..
So its RM9 for the prom ticket!!!

Can't expect much from a prom like that right?
Didn't expect to have food served, but there is..
Didn't know it so we missed the food..
*Their "dinner" was served at 5:30pm*
Not gonna talk much about the prom because I didn't do much there..
The hall was all dark except for the very well lit stage..
Since we're all dressed up for the occasion,
We snapped photos..
But I wasn't in the mood to snap any so there's not much to see..
Only a few teaser photos for you guys~

*In the car while waiting for the others*


That pretty much covers the whole prom..
As you can see, the hall was all DARK!!!

Prom ended at 9pm but we left a lil bit earlier..
we had to because most of us are starving already..
So we went to Sri Hartamas to have dinner..
The place changed alot..
Not much place to makan there except for the few korean restaurants there..
In the end we went to Soul'd Out..

Well, Soul'd Out was the usual same..
Many people, okay food, not bad environment..
Nothing much to say here too because all we did there was eat, chat, and photos..
Surprisingly, the food that day for better than expected!!

*Mango Prawn Salad*

*Sake-san Pizza*


*Chicken Cordon B-lurrr*

*Grilled Salmon*

*Oil light - Unedible*

These were the 4 things we ordered for our table..
There were 11 of us but only 4 of us shared our food so I only have the photos for our food..
Yes, the food was better than expected except that cordon b-lurrr...

Anyways this ends a speedy update on my RM10 9 prom..
There will be another better prom for


  1. eh eh.. talk about RM9!! u all hvnt pay me yet wei!! sei yeh!!!

  2. Haha~ you come my house take la..
    From pey wen btw, she's paying for me..haha!!