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Friday, 14 November 2008

Tissue Paper Sailor

WeatheR Report:
It is predicted that a season of good weather is arriving starting today. Light breeze, 28 degree Celsius. Minor rain and sunshine for rainbows. No choppy seas. Will be smooth-sailing for tissue paper sailor.
-End of Weather Report-

-By Evie-

Tissue paper sailor has been out at sea for a long long time. Wishes to rest in an island but there doesn't seem to have one. Today he's gonna sail the sea of assignment and tuition, then river of bachelor's night. Tomorrow he'll be in cousin's wedding ocean and Sunday FRIM straits and camp sea again. No sign of any island.

-By Tissue paper sailor-

This is a voyage of Tissue paper sailor. We hear stories about his journey and his adventures. But little do we know that every time Tissue paper sailor goes out to sea, he's scared. We do not know how tired he will be when he gets back. We do not even know when will he find an island to set foot on. But Tissue paper sailor is strong. He is determined that no matter what kind of adventure he's gonna go through, he'll learn more and more and the tiredness he feels after each adventure will be worthwhile.

There's nothing to worry about. Tissue paper sailor is fine and will be fine. Although normal tissue paper will be "vanquished" every time they got wet by water, but Tissue paper sailor is a super absorbant that no sea can ever break its spirit

One day, Tissue paper sailor will reunite with Sanitary pad to fight the evil of the sea! By then, every living creature on Planet Earth will become extinct because...

...there won't be any water left!!!
*Super absorbant wert!!!!!*

1 comment:

  1. I summarized your story in 3 photos.
    When you're bored/tired/lazy, go "treasure-photo hunting". *wink*