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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

1st comes Thomas Edison, next goes everyone!!!

Everyone left!!!
Last Friday, Evie, Stef, Xian, Shzen, Sean and I were hanging out in Stef's house..
I'm not gonna go into details about that,

*Just in case SOMEONE doesn't want to remember it*

Bottom line is, we had a couple of drinks..
and watched half a romance movie,
PLUS a NOT trilling triller..
FYI if you are wondering what movie failed to scare this lil boy here,
its "vacancy"

anyways..back to the subject..
Few days later (today: Tuesday)
Everyone is away!!!

Stef went to Japan,
Evie went to Penang,
Shzen went to HK,
Xian also leaving to China..
see!!! Everyone's SO away right now..
don't know where is Lingz though~

Lingz!!!! Where are you??!!!!!

ooh forgot 1 person...
May Ann went to taiwan!!!
Cheryl went to Aussie!!!

*Hrm hrm..*
If everyone were to get me a girl as a souvenir,
i would've gotten japanese, penang olang, hong kee, taiwanese, and australian!!
5 days + xian bring her new Chinese step mommy = 6


okay okay i stop dreaming ddi..
its as though time flies~
1 minute you're with everyone,
the next you're alone...
Feeling lonely ddi~

oh well, being alone can be fun at times..
i get to play my keyboard, guitar, computer, watch movies, dramas etc etc...
I don't know what am i talking about ddi...
kinda lost..
just wanna say

"Treasure everyone around you!!
You may be together today,
but God knows when is the next time you'll see them!!!"

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