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Sunday, 30 December 2007

ChriStmaS evE~

Actually a sequel to the post below~
So i went to buy prezzies for all the relatives so very reluctantly..
these were what i bought~

3 Aunts: Decorative teapots found in the shop on the ground floor of my apartment..
*Then peywen, andrew, and I went to 1utama*
3 teenagers *youngest in my generation*: SIY (Sew-it-yourself) Sheep & Doggie *Girls* and a super cute ninja voodoo keychain *guy*
11 nieces and nephews: Cloth animal magnets *Super cute~!!!!!*
*sorry peeps~!!! no photos cuz i had to have them wrapped up and delivered to my parents ASAP..*

I also got 2 small prezzies for gift exchange on the next day..
they were *thinks*
a cute teddy bear pin that i wanted to get for my bag~
and another super cute animal magnet..

there~!!! my shopping is done~!!!
We met Yi Xiu who was working in 1u so we had dinner with her..
It wasn't actually dinner but everyone was hungry at 5pm so we headed over to Shi Lin to makan their oyster mee suah~
*Yum Yum~!!!!*
Andrew also ordered their seafood tempura as their chicken wasn't the best we could find..
I think thats my 1st time trying the seafood tempura and it somewhat taste like keropok lekor..

While busy slurping my mee suah with only spoon
*its fun to do it but not many people would try*
Mom suddenly called again~!!!!
my parents said they are arriving 1U to collect the gifts ddi..
so i quickly finish the half bowl food
*Many people know how slow i eat..*
and dragged Andrew to come with me~
YES~!!!! Mission accomplished~!!!

After "dinner" Yi Xiu had to go back to work so the 3 of us went around walking..
Pey Wen wants to buy a bag for the new year..
and L-U-C-K-Y for her she had 2 guys who can give comments on fashion..
*Normally her bf would go "I don't know about bags..just buy it if you like it~*
Obviously girls would just "xiong che (naik kereta)" and buy the things they think they like..
and later regret it right??
its called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, baby~!!!

We went to look for Pey Wen's bag,
walked into vinci, voir, bonita etc etc *i can't remember*
then back to vinci, voir, vinci, voir, vinci, voir..
*She can't decide which she liked more as both the guys said both is nice*
after walking in the same shops back and forth a few times,
suddenly both guys said,
"since you have time, why not go online and look for the bags?
they have lotsa designs for you to choose from~"

so thats what we did..
Left 1U at 9pm..
Went to find Shzen cuz i know she misses me~
It was so freaking congested out there~!!
we arrived at the curve 45mins later..
tried to find a parking but failed to do it..
An hour later, i gave up..
msged dear ol' bozz that i can't find parking and all 3 of us went to Prince SS2 to makan..
Prince was our DINNER!!!!!!

after Prince we headed home,
hopefully to reach home before midnight..
no traffic congestion along the way,
a good sign...
*everyone's busy gathering at countdown venues*
after we arrived at my apartment,
phones start ringing, marking the arrival of CHRISTMAS~!!!!
everyone went "MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!!"

the 3 of us opened the bottle of "JW Black label" and we just drink, chill, chat the whole night~
Long day for christmas eve,
but its still a nice memory~

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