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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Marketing night~

Last night, the marketing society in my college *compulsory participation for MARKETING STUDENTS* organised a marketing night..
Its supposed to be an AGM meeting with some performance, food, and activities..
Just an excuse for students to play in college after the meeting..

Although this is my 3rd year in my course,
I've never been to any marketing society meetings before..
*No one except the Board of Directors know when and where its held*
sometimes i wonder if the society is even alive~
Of course it is!!! We just dunno where on earth is it..

So, this 3rd year is my 1st time going to the meeting..
i went because my friends are going and i'm curious how interesting the event might be..
*Also, free food played a tiny role*

The event started of just like any other AGM..
Annual report of activities and expenditures,
Nominations of new directors,
Election of new directors,
Step up, Step down,
Directors' pledge and the list goes on and on..
Nothing special..

Then, it was REFRESHMENT time!!!
cakap is refreshment, but it was dinner at 8:30..
everyone rushed to the buffet table,
for some reasons, the juniors lined up in front and the seniors (us) behind..

*dunno how to show respect huh??*

haha~ but we don't mind ler cuz we were playing back there,
while we were talking and cracking some jokes,
Cherlene's itchy *and horny* hand pulled Illyn's round collar *or was it V collar* down..
Obviously everyone was busy talking and no one bothered to look at her..
BTW, in Cherlene's presence. these kinda things are normal..

okay okay, after the "refreshments" the fun and games started!!
there is also a live band performing but i'm not that enthusiastic about it..
Cuz the accoustics in the function room were so bad!!
while our JUNIORS were trying to get us into the FUNction room,
suddenly someone came up with a plan to go watch movie!!
OMG!! its like not respecting the event!!

but who cares, we dowana go in anymore..
so we discussed about the movie plan right infront of the juniors..

So in the end we went to the Pavillion to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks~
ooh ooh!!! The movie was so cool in the beginning!!! the acapella was just superb!!!
but as the movie proceeds, i got somewhat a lil irritated by the voices of the chipmunks..
but overall the movie is superb!!!
I even go get their soundtrack right after the movie!!
too bad ler, i was a lil disappointed when the soundtrack aren't really movie-like..
no acapella...
but anyways, if you hear "~Only you, ~" when i'm around, means people are calling me..
haha~ i think most of my friends who went for the movie are "chipmunifying" their ringtones..

Here's some out of topic movie reviews:
*with contributions by my friends*
Enchanted : Must watch at least 3 times!!
I am Legend : Waste of money..
Alvin and the Chipmunks : Good
The Golden Compass : Fair, Sequel anticipated

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