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Monday, 24 December 2007

I shouldn't be doing this~!!!!!

Ahh christmas is coming...
Its christmas eve *Duh*
Was having my breakfast after class early in the morning..
My freaking phone rang~!!
My mother's ringtone goes on~
* mother's ringtune isn't ring ring..haha*
No offence k, but whenever my mom calls me, its trouble..
*trouble-SOME for me ler..*
so i lazily answered her call...
"Zhan Shuo ar, tonight we'll be going to 2nd aunt's house for a christmas party..
You don't have to come ler since you have to go back to KL which is quite far..
BUT!!! I need you to help me get gifts for the kids..
You just have to get for the small kids la~
2nd Uncle has 2 grandchildren, eldest aunt has 6, 2nd aunt has 3..
altogether 11 la~
Oh~ get for emily, hazel and ker yang also la~
*plus 3 in my list*
hrm...Can help me get for Eldest uncle's wife? Eldest aunt and 2nd aunt also la~ since they're christians..
I think thats all la~
You got money anot? got right?
okay la i'll give you back the money when you send it home later.."
*SEND IT HOME???!!! I thought you should be the one coming to collect??!!! #$@$#*#@&$*@#&$^$^#@*$ *

Geez~ troublesome right?!!
there goes my plan to cut my hair, get food for tmr's party, find lizzie's birthday present etc etc...
Its late ddi...I better get going before the sun sets...haha

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