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Saturday, 22 December 2007

SMKKB hiGh scHooL pRom~

Went to one of my close friend's school prom yesterday...
Crystal kinda 'booked' me *Gosh!! am i providing escort service here??!!!* early this year..
Since she's my close friend, i went with her ler..

The prom was nothing like i expected it to be..
Just a simple conclusion~
> I was pretty lost
> I knew no one except crystal
> I have an unsporting date
> I didn't dance
> I called evie so that i could talk to someone
> I smsed Lingz "H-E-L-P!!!" at the begining of the Prom
> I went home at 10pm

okay okay it may not be very good~
but hey, its THEIR prom and what's important is that they enjoy kan??
okay okay pictures~

*yes..I'm aware that i need a haircut..*

*The lights mesmerises me*

*These were left on the table...i suspect is our SOUVENIR!!*
*oops~forgot to flip the photo~ Sorry!!!*
*ooh how i wish i had a bottle of vodka..*
*So that i can mix it with this orange juice to make a 'screw driver'*
*Playing dress up for my glass*
*there's the stage....EMPTY!!!*
*Now its empty NO MORE~!!! actually no one's dancing on the dance floor..They're watching ppl dancing on stage"
*oh...this REALLY is the souvenir...swts*
Well, its not the best prom i've ever been to, but whats wrong with spending a few hours for such experience right??hehe~!!!

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