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Sunday, 30 December 2007

ChriStmAs paRty iN mY aPartmEnt~

Christmas is here~!!!
I don't care if its hard to read,
But since its christmas, so the post shall be decorated just like it~

*okay okay..lets start*

I organised a party in my apartment on christmas night..
Usually i'd do it on christmas eve but most my my friends are away dating, courting, or even "sleeping" early with their half...
I msged everyone to inform them that the party would start at 7pm,
but guess what??!!!

Yean Ree, Pey Wen, Andrew and I came home from buying food stuff for the party at 6:55pm~!!
and I have to prepare it~!!!!


I was praying that people will turn up late..
*on normal outtings, everyone's 1 hour late*
On the way to the lift of my apartment..
*O-N-L-Y Y-O-U~*
oh no~!!! someone's here ddi~!!!

normally *assignment meeting* Jackson will be the latest to arrive..
TODAY~ he's 5mins early~!!!!!
*it must've been because of FOOD~!!!*

We rushed upstairs, welcomed them in,
then start on preparing my food..
In the menu, we have fruit salad, roasted turkey *chicken* and steamboat..
So after i'm in my apartment, i headed to the kitchen to start on the salad..

Everyone arrive on time~!! 5 mins later~!!!
Since everyone's here ddi and the food's not ready yet,
they help to set up everything la~
and its time to par-ty~!!!!!!!

*Setting up the steamboat table*

*AhhhHh~ they noticed the camera~!!!*

*camwhoring in less than 5mins~!!!*

*Professional whores*

*If you're wondering why there're so many ivy's (yellow) photos, its because its a camera..I was busy preparing, can't take photos*

*Illyn never fails to amaze me*

*how not to call her ugly??!!! (the one in white is Illyn)*



*A flashback on her not-so-recent photo*

*Guess who???*

*Its YEAN REE~!!!!!*


*moRe reTarts~*

*giFts~!!!presents~!!!hadiah~!!!li wu~!!!*

*Girls' sho*
*Gah jin(far back) wants to be a girl~!!!*

*Be DISAPPOINTED~ he's the retard in purple*

*Guy retards*


*Finally~ a group photo with everyone inside~!!*

*Gift exchange time~*

*There are 21 gifts, so i'll only post mine ler*
*Me > Pineapple Lai Kuan*

*Me > Monkey Hong Chuan*
*I said i bought 2 mer~!!*

*Abby > Me*

*Illyn > Ming Chuan(Rain pose)*

*Wee Yen > Tuck Cheong*
*OMG~!!!! A Kiss??!!!!!!*

*Now the kiss worth it?*
*Only 4 mentos* *LAUGHS*

*The smallest gift for the largest guy*

*Tension tension*
*What's in it??*

*La Senza T-Back~!!!!!*

*Back View~!!!*

*Sky's gift was a tampon~ He just took the keychain to divert attention*
*Joking ler...he had both*

*Just in case who's T-Back was that, its Printing's~!!!!!*

After the gift exchange session,
i brought out my "JW Black label"
and everyone had drinks,
Turned on the music~
Off the lights~!!!
and party~!!!!!!
*Hope i wasn't disturbing my neighbours*
Final words?? MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!!!

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