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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A dAy wiThouT thOmaS EdiSon'S diScoveRy~

Dear o dear~!!!!
Was about to board the lift yesterday and suddenly a notice caught my eye~
" Electric supply interruption on Dec 12 "
Gosh gosh~!!!
1 more day~!!!
How am i going to survive without electricity from 8am till 7pm?!!
12hours wey~!!!

Suddenly I start to have flashbacks of the incredible *yet neglected* moments of me using electricity..
~ Looking at the PC
~ Playing the keyboard
~ Playing the electric guitar
~ Bathing with the water heater on
~ Using the fan~!!
and the list can go on and on..

~Oh my darling electricity, how o how am i to sruvive without you~
my heart sang that the whole day....SERIOUS~!!!! It wasn't me~!!!!!
*Points at my heart*

Oh well, life's gonna move on right?

Next day came pretty fast~
8:20am - woke up and notice the fan has stopped
8:21am - went to bed again
11:30am - woke up and count down *8hours more*
12:00pm - LUNCH~!!!
1pm - Lecture
2pm - went for a talk (Skipped 1hr lecture and 90mins tutorial)
4:30pm - Tutorial (while thinking of what movie to watch since there's no point going back)
4:45pm - recieved a sms saying that electricity has been restored *YIPPEE~!!!!!!*
5:00pm - went back home jolly as ever~!!!

haha not so much of a drama anymore right?
well i'm glad in a way, cuz it meant that i can do my assignments and play my keyboard~!!!

there, my "day" without thomas edison's discovery..
Yeah, He is a great man~!!
Lets dedicate a moment to salute him and his discoveries as well as inventions..

*silence...silence...silence...* has to move on~
back to our normal daily life~!!!!!

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