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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Post chRisTmaS bLues~

After the party in my apartment, Gah Jin, Wee Yen, and Andrew stayed back to help clean up...
it was a simple task actually..
Gah Jin went home and the other 2 guys got ready to sleep..
After that everyone was chatting in my room..
and i was the 1st to fall asleep...

*Expected lar*


Woke up in the morning..
Checked my mail to see if my watch is being delivered today..
Can't check the tracking number..
so i called Pos Laju..
gave them my number, and...
*Ding Dong Ding Dong*
Must've been the postman~!!!
*opens door*
YAYE!!!! its the postman~!!!!
i quickly signed the parcel,
then rushed in to unwrap my christmas present~!!!!!
*TA DA~!!!!!!!*

Started to do all the analysis using SPSS and excel...
Things are very tehnical here so i wouldn't elaborate more~
i just...
did the graphs..
and looked at the time~


My eyes feel like closing due to lack of sleep previous night..
so i went to bed for 30mins..
asked my team members to wake me up at 6pm..

the 30mins nap felt like 30secs!!!
they woke me up and i know its time to get prepared for lizzie's party..
so i went out and check how they're doing..

So far so good!!!

Thats a good sign...
they don't need me and i can go party without thinking of assignment!!!

I went down to pick my a gift for lizzie~
*Had been picking up gifts from the same shop alot this month*
I left my apartment at 7pm..
and arrived in DJ at 8pm!!

It was so congested on the highway right outside the DJ toll!!!
i promised to pick shzen up at 7:30pm..
so i apologized awhile and we went to lizzie's party..

*DJ Gang in Lizzie's party*

*Ex Classmates of Lizzie...and mine too~ Majority*

*Highschool Besties!!!! Mun, Manda and Hui Yee missing ):*

*Liz and shzen~ GORGEOUS!!!!*

*of course~ me too!!!!*

After the party, i sent shzen back~
and rushed off to my friend's place~


to complete my assignment la~!!!
we did, and did. and did~
tired, wiped out!!!!
But still have to move on~
cuz presentation's next day!!!!!

Went back home at 4am, makan with my housemates,
then continue doing until its time to go for my presentation at 8am..
*for this semester only~*

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