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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Birthday at the Apartment


One of the best days to be born, don't you think?
Its one of the day where your friends will be able to celebrate it with you.
Everyone will be able to go home late since its a public holiday the next day!!
So there's no reason for people to not celebrate it.

That day..
The curve was packed!!! So was cineleisure.
At first, I though maybe its because its a public holiday the next day.
But it turns out to be Zara's having a HUGE sales!!!

Walked to The Apartment, asked the waitress there only to find out that our reservation has been postponed because as usual, they are late.
8:30pm -> 9:30pm *swtness*
So I waited outside while calling peywen cuz she was there already.
and *bump* I met Yeow Nian and Su Ann!!!!
Such coincidence!!!

At first I thought they!! *haha*
But it seems that they bump into each other too.
So the three bumpers stood outside and talk.
And *bump* once again, Pei Pei appeared out of nowhere!!!
She just finished her gym session in Fitness First.

After ahwile, those lewat punya orang can and we head for THE APARTMENT!!

*The cozy apartment*

*The attendees*

1. eGg-gy aka Ivy Tan
2. Lee Kheng Yong
3. Weny
4. Alvin aka somebody's Vin Vin*history*
5. Lee Yean Ree
6. Andrew Chong

7. Khor Kian Hseung *not my cousin*
8. Wong Pey Wen *2's girlfriend*
9. Don't know who's that *#$#!%#&!%$*
10. Fong Siew Ling aka Printing
11. Birthday boy Tee Wee Yen
12. Yuen Sum *11's girlfriend*

So, everyone got sitted and like all gatherings, there are food, talks and smiles.
So here are the drinks.

*3 outta 12 drinks*

And food *please don't ask me the name of the food*

*Delicious looking food*

The apartment's food always looked delicious.
It a hearty gourmet looking meal.
But many complained that the food isn't as nice as it looks like.
But to me, its good enough for the price we are paying for.

Note: The lamb shank is awesome!! Mussels are HUGE *mostly* and my chicken & mushroom pasta REAL good.
Others I don't know.

*Choc (something something) cake & Cheese cake*

Whats left at the end is..

*My empty plate of pasta and a baby mussel which no one wants to eat*
Poor Mussel..

:: Decors ::

*Very homely*

Next we'll head to S.M.I.L.E.S *we can't really capture the talks right??*

*Happy couple No.1*

*Happy couple No.2*

*3 girls under the spotlight*

*Ivy dgn Sum Sum*

*Buat pura pura je*

*Lyr dgn Sum Sum*

*Pura pura lagi!!*

*3 girls*

* Still 3 girls*

*4 girls*

*5 girls*

You girls were so mean to leave Weny out!!!
See her..

*Poor lil Weny shocked to see herself being left out*

*Nevermind ler..She take photos with Kheng Yong*

Next is my favourite part..Candid!!

*Andrew for gbl*

*Weny trying to be a pro photographer*

*Kheng Yong with bokeh-ed Pey Wen*

*D40x & D60*

*Alvin yang gembira sekali*

*Pose Pey Wen yang tak berapa cantik*

*Weny yang terkejut sekali..kenapa??*

*Kerana minuman Andrew yang hodoh sekali*

*Tak samadengan Teh Ais Ivy yang sangat konservatif*

Owh..After lepaking in the apartment for some time, we decided to head for a second round of drinks.
So we ended up in Wong Kok SS2.
Hence you see the different background and funky drinks.
After more chatting, laughs and jokes, everyone started to get tired like Weny.

*Weny yang dah nak tidur*

And that ends the birthday celebration which no one can give work-related excuses to be absent.

Next post: Be An Angel Camp - Breaking Barriers!!

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