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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Saying goodbye to Besties

Its yet another farewell post.
This time, its with part of my besties.

Attendees are:

*Evie, Yinxie, Hwee Sann, Shzen Yee, Me*

This time, I chose Ajisen Ramen because our darling Yinxie just extracted her wisdom tooth.
*A very pain experience indeed*
Therefore she can only take soft food and I hope the ramen is soft enough for her.

These girls are not strangers to by readers ddi right?
There was a time when my blog is full of their photos.
So no introductions needed aight?

Next, we'll let the photos and captions do the story telling.
*Words alone are quite very boring*

The food..

*The Menu*

*The Ocha(Green Tea)*

*The Pork*

*The Pan-fried Gyoza*

*The Chicken Katsu(Cutlets)*

*The Chasu Ramen*

*The Gyoza Ramen*

*The Spicy Chicken and Chasu Ramen*

*The Tamago(egg) Combo Ramen*

Haha Yinxie couldn't eat eggs for the meantime.
and I memang cannot eat eggs, so all the eggs were given to Evie.
Therefore its the Egg Combo Chasu Ramen!!

and finally!!!

*Our finished food*

Ehh, why only got 3 bowls of ramen with few side dishes?
Tak nampak Szhen and Sann's food wan?
The reason behind it is..
..They were LATE!! Late sampai the three of us finished eating ddi still haven't arrive!!

Oh well, we're nice people so we waited patiently for them.
and when they finally arrived, our table was the noisiest table in the restaurant!!

*Looking at the menu*

..after some time..

*Still debating on what to eat!!*

..after more time..

*I got pretty bored of seeing them debating over food* see, the thing is Shzen doesn't like the food Sann chose..

*Look at her expression*

*But since Shzen loves Sann so much, she tries to accept her choice*

*..still trying to decide what to eat*

*Both girls were taking TOO MUCH time over the decision, I was too bored!!*

*Shzen Yee looking at me one kind when I ask "decided ddi?"*

*..and they FINALLY made their decision!! Woohoo~!!*

..when the food finally comes.

*Sann threatens Shzen with whatever-matters*

*Then Shzen said "I don't care!! Don't threaten me!!"*

*And they started sharing their food*

..Sann wanted to be a nice Bestie and feeds Shzen, but..

*Shzen doesn't wanna eat from Sann's filthy spoon*

But since they are besties, they love each other.

*and Szhen fed Sann instead*

*Look at Sann's happy face* after everyone finished dinner, its GROUP PHOTO time!!

*Its really obvious its not taken by my camera right?*

Girls will be girls.
And girls camwhore.
So its not surprising that the girls flood their cameras with camwhored photos.
Here are just two which I was in. *haha*

*At ze escalator*

*With ze flashing amigo*

I didn't appear in most of their camwhore photos cuz I was meeting cHieN *another popular person in my blog lately*
cHieN just finished her dinner with her coursemates in Shogun, 1Utama.
So met up with her and took some photos because we agree that we have too few photo together!!

*cHieN & Leslie*

*Terlekat dinding*

*I seriously didn't know what we were doing*

*Kim Fong yg biasa ditendang*

*Tendang depan belakang mali!!*

So yeah, it was a simple yet sweet farewell.
Texted the four besties when I got home but only Evie and Sann replied.
The other two got no heart *sad*

Hrm. Not really emo this time around. Because I know that I'm definitely gonna see them!!
and we do hangout often *last time* so I'm sure that we'll stay the same even after I come back.

Oh, almost forgot..
Took some adorable photos using some plastic thing which acts like a kind of filter.

*Weird eyed Evie & Jacky Chan nose Leslie*

Gonna miss you girls!!

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