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Friday, 8 May 2009

Breaking Barriers

NOTE: None of the photos in this post are taken by me. It is because I didn't bring my camera along. Regretting now because I forgot that activities organised by this bunch allows cameras to be brought along. Unlike certain camps that requires more discipline. So you'll see many photos with different ppl inside cuz I just grab them from Facebook.
<--End of NOTE-->

After 2 weeks since the Be an Angel Camp Telematch, its time for the Be an Angel camp!!!
*Btw, you can click the telematch link to read the post*

What's this camp about?
Does it really make you and angel?

This camp *as I said in my earlier post* is a 3d2n *3 days 2 nights..mind you* camp for both PWD(persons with disabilities) and MFH(More Fortunate Hoomans)
Its objective is to:
1. Break the barriers between PWDs and the society.
2. Build a better relationship and communication channel between PWDs and the society.
3. Enhance independency for a self-sustained living and leadership ability of the PWD.

The Be an Angel Camp was held on 1st - 3rd May 2009 in Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
For those of you who don't know, its near kotaraya. Just opposite Tung Shin Hospital.
For those of you who still don't know, don't bother.

[2009.05.01] - [2009.05.03]
My initial plan for these 3 days were to spend my time with my family on a trip to camerons *yes, again. we love that place*
But our plans changed when my aunt advised us to go sometime in July since my cousin uncle is coming back from New Zealand that time.
So *Ka-poosh* there goes our family trip.

Because of my previous plans, I didn't think I would join this camp *since I can't be in two places at once*
But a miracle text came in on wednesday when I was at a stupid dinner.
Sender: Goh Chien Hui *thank you very much!!!*
Purpose: To ask me to join the camp although the dateline has past.

I must admit I was kinda disappointed that I couldn't join the camp at first eventhough my family trip was cancelled postponed.
But her text really made my day!!
It means that I can join the camp afterall although registration has closed.
Why?? Because she wants me to be the assistant group leader for her group *yaye!!*

Despite Chien Hui's effort of getting me to go to the camp, I couldn't go on the first day.
There are some commitments that I have to perform.
So I arrived late at night on the first day after all the activities for the day has ended.

This camp is very special as compared to the other camps I've joined.
It is because this camp has a mix of PWD and MFH *not all camps have this*
The best part is, the group leaders for all 5 groups are PWD!!!
It feels different to be led by PWD, but you'll get used to it.

So, here's what we do in camp.
Prepare for photos.

*We learn how to help PWDs up and down their wheelchair*

*We learn to help them whenever they need us*

*We learn to help them with lifts*

*We learn to fold their wheelchairs*

We also learn how to help then in the toilet, up and down the slopes etc.
Every essential guides to helping PWDs are being taught.

*We learn the TRUE usage of parking spaces for PWDs*
Try not to be inconsiderate okay? Have compassion!!!

*We learn how to appreciate our legs*
Btw, this is Goh Chien Hui. With her is Teoh Eewen.

*We learn to live among PWDs*
Citrine *girl in white* isn't a PWD. We learn how to use the wheelchair and to experience how it feels like

*We also learn what is it like to lose your vision just like one of our camp participant*

*We learn about their past, and their dreams*
We will try to fulfill their dreams with our cumulative capabilities.

*We learn about their experiences(both PWD and MFH) through their testimonials*

*We learn to perform a show.sketch together*

*We learn to care for each other like a family*

We are not alone. We too have guest stars with us.
Among them are:

*Local Singer 谢婉婷*

*8tv host/news caster Owen Yap*

*Local singer Daniel Lee*

*988 radio station new caster Yin Yin*

*5G director*

*New local singer Yi Xin*

*We learn to play as a team*

*Our signature pose..FLY!!!*

There's too many experiences in the 3d2n camp to be talked about here.
We learned what does it mean to be a volunteer,
How to give as well as RECIEVE love,
How to add value to our life.

There's also too many feelings to be talked about here.
Happy, Sad, Touched, Scared, Anxious, Excited..Just way too many.

The unforgettable events there are when Zhi Hui(my group leader) suffered from an asthma attack.
Note that her asthma attack isn't as harmless as the ones we might we on the streets.
That night, when the environment was so sentimental, she broke down and had difficulty breathing.
Oxygen tanks were used, and she was sent to the hospital.

Another similiar event was when Dust(we call him that) also had difficulty breathing during the last day.
Dust's lung is only 40% functional.
I shall talk about him more in my next post.
A post tribute to him.
*Yes he is still living*

Camps are my gateway to my heart.
It makes me feel alive, makes me feel that this world is filled with love, hope and is worth staying alive for.
Those who didn't have the chance to participate will never know how it feels like.
I'm truly blessed to be able to feel such feelings.
Feelings that made me tear often..way too often..

For those of you who didn't have the chance(yet) and wish to be exposed to more of such events, you can email/call/text me.
Note that doing such thing doesn't make you weak, it doesn't make you unworthy.
I am more than willing to pull you into such community.

REMEMBER: We are not superior as compared to them, we just have disabilities in other aspects. We need them like they need us. We're all the same..just humans..

*Leaves a teardrop*

NOTE: My team's(the BLUE team) cheer is 蓝天,白云,天使心...飞啊!!Blue skies, White clouds, a heart of an Angel...Lets FLY!!!
So do not be alarmed when you see weird quotes like this in Facebook/MSN/Blogger/Plurk.


  1. wow wow wow...
    i alwaz love ur blog...
    btw...sai umm sai use my full name orh??gosh..=p
    n u spell my zi mui name wrongly lor...

  2. yeah..I am lancy,not sure did u still remember me or not la..hehe..I am also from the same group as you which in angel camp 2009.
    So nice to read ur blogs...or what can i said is i enjoyed reading ur blogs..hehe..
    U add oil ya...& Take Care always.. ^_*

    Lancy Ng