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Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day to a very special mother

*Lee Pei Sun*

No, I'm not talking about my Mother this time.
My Mom is really special, but this post is for Pei Sun.
My Mom's post is coming up next.

Many people wonder *including myself last time* how can PWD give birth to children?
I've seen some PWD with children of their own.
Eg. Miss Sia Siew Chin.

Here is Lee Pei Sun's Story.

Pei Sun, I don't really know her.
Probably because I didn't have the courage to reach out.
Probably because I still can't break the barrier.
But she has a story of her own too.

Pei Sun was once happily married. She wasn't like this last time.
When she gave birth to her 1st child, something started to go wrong with her.
Eventhough Pei Sun knows thats it is not advisable to give birth to her 2nd child,
she didn't want to destroy an innocent life.
This, has made a serious harm to her health.

Actually, we aren't sure what Pei Sun's situation is called.
But it is already very serious the 1st time I met her 2 years ago.
She can't walk, can't talk well, can't even control her body well.
I don't know how to describe her situation.

*Back to Pei Sun's story*
After Pei Sun's health deteriorated, her husband left her.
It is pretty obvious that her husband don't want a wife under such condition.
If you were the husband, what will you do?
Can be blame the husband? Or should we blame it on fate?

Pei Sun's children are really adorable.
She keeps their photo in her wallet.
During dinner last week, Pei Sun looked at the photo of her children.
We know that she misses them very much.

10 May 2009 is Mother's Day 2009.
Every mother in the world should be allowed to be with their children whom they gave birth to!!
Does Pei Sun get to see her children?
I don't know.
But I would like the people who read my blog to know the existant of such great mother.
Who would risk her whole life just to bring 2 children into this world.
God has played a really big joke on this lady and its not funny.
It would've been better if God just let her leave this world instead of having to live like this for the rest of her life.

Maybe God left Pei Sun here for a purpose.
Maybe she's here to touch the hearts of whom she's around with.
Seeing her being cheerful and mischievious some times really made me tear in my heart.
The things she do can be funny at times, she tries to be cheerful in front of us.
But that's all I know, I won't know how she feels inside.
But yes, we love having her around. We love her.

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