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Saturday, 16 May 2009

First Farewell - 30 Hour Famine 2008

Just came back from my very first official farewell.
1st gang to bit me goodbye is none other than my 30 Hour Famine 2008 friends!!

Among those who were there were:
Angie, Yow Yee, Sam, Ke Lun, Dust, Feng, Fong, Rong Jie and other few that I don't know names of. *Sorry!!*
Hey, not my fault okay. This dinner involved 30 Hour Famine 2008 Group 7 AND Be An Angel Camp 2009 Red Team people.
So I don't know some of them.

We had Steamboat dinner in Desa Complex.
I know. Not really popular but it was surprisingly pleasant!!

- Presents for me!! -

*Coloured paper rose I taught Sam and Yow Yee how to fold in Famine camp*

*Bookmarks by Yow Yee and Sam*
Question Marks - In times of confusion
Burger - Leslie has to eat more!!
Love - Love and kisses from all my friends
Light Bulb - In times of inspiration
Four Seasons - Think of them every Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

*Angel Stand*
This is actually a souvenir from Be An Angel Camp 2009.
Not many people get this except for VIPs and Sponsors.
*Chien Hui also got one*
This time, Angie got me one. It is made from metal wire.
and it is done by Siew Chin's husband.
Just love it.
Will be boarding the plane on June 6, 2009.
Time feels fast when you're gonna leave Malaysia.
In less than a month, I'll be leaving Malaysia.
Having mixed feelings bout it *who wouldn't right?*
Hopefully I'll get to meet up with everyone before I leave ya!!

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