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Monday, 11 May 2009

DUST - A living hero in my heart


His name is Wei Cheng威成.
Somehow, it got some people calling him 灰尘(dust)
So in the end we name him as Dust.

Dust may look like a badass in this photo *I really like this photo*
*It was taken 15metres away from him without his knowledge.*
If you notice *in the photo* Dust is sitting on a wheelchair.

Here is Dust's story.

There are two types of disabilities.
Inherited and non inherited.
I'm sure you all know the meaning.
Dust's case is the latter.

Many years ago when Dust was 14 years old,
he was diagnosed with spur 骨刺.
After his operation, he could no longer move his lower body.
That was when his life came to the turning point.

After the operation, the doctor had inserted a metal plate in this back for support.
The metal plate which was supposed to help him made things worse 2 weeks later.
What happened was the metal plate went out of place and penetrated through Dust's lungs and filled them with water.

Although Dust's condition had worsen, but nothing was done to help him.
5 years after the incident, the metal plate was removed surgically.
Can you imagine what has he gone through those 5 years?

Although Dust had gone through things that we wouldn't wanna dream of,
but that doesn't stop him from carrying on his life.
It doesn't just end there, Dust never stopped helping people in whatever way he can.

On one fateful day after Dust joined Beautiful Gate(a training center for PWD)
Dust tried to help another fellow PWD to his wheelchair as there were no one in the centre to help.
Because of his act of kindness and compassion, Dust was repaid with another injury!!
This time, his backbone broke and it affected his left arm.

By right, Dust was scheduled for operation to make his condition better,
but because of many health factors, he can't undergo any operation.
Till today, we know that Dust's lung functional capacity is only 40% from a normal person's.
There's nothing doctors can do to make him better.
Does that mean that he's only awaiting his death?

Ask yourself this. If you were in Dust's shoes *hopefully none of us will* what will we do?
What should Dust do??

Knowing about his condition doesn't make Dust give up hope.
In fact, He is still as helpful as he was.
Dust will try his best to help in everything he can whenever help is needed.
Dust could just leave this world anytime. But he remained strong.

To many, they think that they'll leave this world anytime soon so what's the point of helping?
To Dust, he thinks otherwise.
There was a time when Beautiful Gate sets out to help someone in Taiping *if not mistaken*
Dust wanted to follow the troupe eventhough his condition wasn't very good.
Ms Sia Siew Chin, person in charge of Beautiful Gate didn't allow him to follow.
But this was all Dust said, "I don't know when will I breathe my last breath, but as long as my breath can save 1 person, I will."

Dust, along with many PWD gave me inspiration to carry on what I am doing.
Although they might not move as easily as we can. But their strength can outdo us anytime.
I have just learned that a friend that I loved very much is going through tough times.
I never made a point to contact my friend although my friend has a special place in my heart.
I've been following my friend's blog ever since it was started.
Read a lot of things, tough challenges going on around.

I do hope that my friend gets the strength to carry on by any means.
Life isn't that bad when we have our limbs, senses, family and friends.
Most of our problems comes from family and friends,
but we should be lucky that we have such problems because we still have them.
You wouldn't wanna regret when you've lost your family member one day right? *touches wood*

To Dust and PWDs: Thank you for giving my the oppotunity to have my heart touched.
You've indirectly gave me strength to carry on and face the challenges ahead of me.
You've gave me inspiration and a purpose in life. Thank you.

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