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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A walk in the park.

Its about time I updated my blog.
Have things to blog about but didn't have Photoshop to post-produce my photos.
But now everything's fine!!!
I have Photoshop installed and am on my way to blog!!!

[2009.04.20] - [2009.04.24]
I went to Kampar during that week.
Kampar. Home of Utar. Study place for Chew Yinli.
So, why did I go there? Stupid question to ask.
You shall find out by yourself.

We went to the park by Westlake one evening.
*The day I'm going back to be exact*
Its just nice walking in the park on a beautiful evening.
With beautiful people around you.

Parks have trees and plants. This has a lake and fishes too.
So, I took out my Dslr and..
..its photo time!!!

:: Flowers all the way. I like flowers ::

*Lillies in a pond filled with water and mud..So pure..*

*Leaves of the weeping willow following the wind wherever it goes*

*Leaves of the melon plant queuing up so ever nicely*

*The melon reminded me about the drama*


I'm really loving the Minolta 70-210mm F4.5-5.6 lens.
Its much easier for close up shots and candid shots.
People in the photos are more natural that way. My type of photography.
The only downside is its minimum appeture.
Might consider getting Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 in the future.
It'll be good even for night shots.
*Kena poisoned teruk teruk*

Next up!!

Gotta brush up on my self potraits.
Haven't been taking much self potrait with my Dslr since the Langkawi trip.
Not needed much cuz I don't take self potraits alone.

Here and there

*Reflections of the sunset on the lake*

*Rest in the hut to prepare for the long road ahead*

and FINALLY!!!!
A panorama of the lake with thick clouds right above it.

This photo is really long therefore the height is being compromised.
Too bad blogs can only show you this much compared to actual prints.
This is the best I can give.

Till next time!!! Won't be long.

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