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Friday, 8 May 2009

Name giving session

You all have so much to read lately huh??
This post is just a very corny one but its funny!!!

Here goes my conversation with Eeling in MSN recently*just last night*
Leslie: Green
Eeling: Pink

what's with lollipop and lottery?
it's a secret i'll never tell
but i ll tell u
it's de name of someone's future son and daughter with de surname law huh???
I prefer Law mee..

law lee pop and law ter ree
law gees tick
law urn dree

*Then this is the part where she starts to show signs of the unsound mind*
khor lee flour
khor Ner
khor fee

what khor lee flour!!!! yerr...
khor rec

I know la!!!!
but..not nice to hear. haha
khor rec?
Khor rec sion
so batu
khor mern sense
i like dis!!
khor caine
khor ker roach
khor co nut!!
I don't like khor caine and khor ker roach!!

khor leh jern
khor lide
khor guei
khor leng

what's dat?
khor guei = bittergourd
khor leng = possible.

oo khor leng
bo khor leng
. . . . . . . . .
oo khor leng!!

*This is the point she really goes out of hand*

khor mee shern
i love khor mee shern
he has no khor mern sense
i hate khor ker roach
i want to eat khor lee flour
i did my khor rec sion
i want to know whether got khor leng anot
can u pleas khor or prate
please khor nect to the internet
please dun Khor pee my answer
. . . . . . . . .
i'm SO gonna blog this.

i reserve KHOR PEE RIGHTS k
okay okay..i'll breach it.

*image gone*
i wan go sleep ddi la
happy buzzing with bees

So, anyone wants to vote for the best name for my future sons and daughters??

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