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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mother's Day Lunch in an Art Gallery

Phew~ Finally its time for my BIRTH mom's mother's day post.
*Yes, I'll repeat. The lady in my previous post is NOT my mom*

Mother's day 2009,
A happy day, but not superbly happy..
*Cuz this is the 1st time we celebrate without her*

*Elle Six Art Gallery*

If you notice, the sign hanging on the door said "Closed" but the orange sign next to it says "We are OPEN".
Cuz the art gallery is closed but the restaurant there is open.

- Food & Drinks -

*Power Booster*


*Strawberry Milkshake - All time favourite*

*Tools that assist us with our lunch*

*Escargot - Yum!!*

*Stuffed Mushrooms*
Damn. Seeing these photos late at night makes me hungry.

*Black Cod in Pumpkin Sauce - Very good!!*

*Roasted Spring Chicken ala Nyonya Style - Uniquely Satisfying*

*Mushroom Aglio Olio*
There's a reason for this photo.
I finished the dish even before I could have a chance to take a photo of it.
This dish's case, food before photography.
*It is really THAT yummy*

*Empty plates and dishes - SATISFACTION!!*

..and finally..

*A dash of sugar to end the meal - Chocolate Fudge*

- Family -

*Mommy bokeh*

*Mommy playing with Daddy's pen*

*Mommy stuffing herself with the Stuffed Mushies*

*Daddy shocked to see Mommy eating like that*
Okay, I made that up.

*Daddy laughing at the way Mommy eat*
I made that up too *LOL*

*Lil Sis looking at what's inside the stuffed Mushies*

- Arts and Carvings -

Not supposed to take photos of these.
Art galleries don't allow photographs of their artwork there taken.
But curi-curi snapped a few photos *lalala*


* Yellow Roses*

*Light that creates the ambience*

*Elephant carving*

*Pink Roses*

*Pebbles that borders the gallery*

Serving food and drinks in an art gallery holds a HUGE risk.
Makaning there also very risky.
If food or drinks were accidentally spilled onto the artwork,
then you can say bye bye to your money ddi.
The average price of a drawing there is RM16,000!!

Okay, after lunch we head back home.
Then comes dinner time!!!
Mommy made some pies, cheesecake, Sago with Gula Melaka

*Chicken Pie*

*Chocolate Cheese Cake*

*Sago Gula Melaka*

So that's for Mother's Day 2009!!
It was perfect!! But could be better if she's with us..

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