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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Of Horoscopes again..

This is one of the day where you wish horoscopes in the newspaper didn't really come true.
Here's my drama..

Was reading the newspaper this morning afternoon and while flipping through the pages I read the horoscope section.
I always read it, for fun or the other way round.

So, here was what my horoscope for the day said:
"Today will be anything but ordinary. You will have to change your plans at the last minute and hope for the best."

Upon reading this, I stunned awhile and thought "OMG!! If its really true, what plans should be changed??!!! Movie night? Or the things I promised m customers?"

Having my self prepared for the worst, I finished the papers and turn on my laptop so that I can start doing some work.
As soon as I came out from the toilet, I noticed that my laptop is still in the loading screen.
WTH, my laptop never took so long before!!
Rupa-rupanya my laptop is sick.

I started to boot it in safe mode - fail.
Run restore point to 2 days ago - fail.
Run system recovery - fail!!!

OMG!!! Almost out of ideas ddi!!!!
No choice, last resort is to install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows Vista *ahem copy*
Finally okay.
Just when I thought it was over, suddenly I remembered that all my client's stuff was in my Local drive!!!
Whats worse is that my recent photos from my camera which I haven't blog about is also there!!!

Oh well, now I really cannot finish the work for Fung Wong ddi.
Have to redo my work.
Yes, my day is anything but ordinary. I really have to change my plans last minute. Just hope that this is the end la. Movie night must still go on or else I'll cry......
*Think positive, positive thinking, the world is beautiful!!!*

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