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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Post chRisTmaS bLues~

After the party in my apartment, Gah Jin, Wee Yen, and Andrew stayed back to help clean up...
it was a simple task actually..
Gah Jin went home and the other 2 guys got ready to sleep..
After that everyone was chatting in my room..
and i was the 1st to fall asleep...

*Expected lar*


Woke up in the morning..
Checked my mail to see if my watch is being delivered today..
Can't check the tracking number..
so i called Pos Laju..
gave them my number, and...
*Ding Dong Ding Dong*
Must've been the postman~!!!
*opens door*
YAYE!!!! its the postman~!!!!
i quickly signed the parcel,
then rushed in to unwrap my christmas present~!!!!!
*TA DA~!!!!!!!*

Started to do all the analysis using SPSS and excel...
Things are very tehnical here so i wouldn't elaborate more~
i just...
did the graphs..
and looked at the time~


My eyes feel like closing due to lack of sleep previous night..
so i went to bed for 30mins..
asked my team members to wake me up at 6pm..

the 30mins nap felt like 30secs!!!
they woke me up and i know its time to get prepared for lizzie's party..
so i went out and check how they're doing..

So far so good!!!

Thats a good sign...
they don't need me and i can go party without thinking of assignment!!!

I went down to pick my a gift for lizzie~
*Had been picking up gifts from the same shop alot this month*
I left my apartment at 7pm..
and arrived in DJ at 8pm!!

It was so congested on the highway right outside the DJ toll!!!
i promised to pick shzen up at 7:30pm..
so i apologized awhile and we went to lizzie's party..

*DJ Gang in Lizzie's party*

*Ex Classmates of Lizzie...and mine too~ Majority*

*Highschool Besties!!!! Mun, Manda and Hui Yee missing ):*

*Liz and shzen~ GORGEOUS!!!!*

*of course~ me too!!!!*

After the party, i sent shzen back~
and rushed off to my friend's place~


to complete my assignment la~!!!
we did, and did. and did~
tired, wiped out!!!!
But still have to move on~
cuz presentation's next day!!!!!

Went back home at 4am, makan with my housemates,
then continue doing until its time to go for my presentation at 8am..
*for this semester only~*

ChriStmAs paRty iN mY aPartmEnt~

Christmas is here~!!!
I don't care if its hard to read,
But since its christmas, so the post shall be decorated just like it~

*okay okay..lets start*

I organised a party in my apartment on christmas night..
Usually i'd do it on christmas eve but most my my friends are away dating, courting, or even "sleeping" early with their half...
I msged everyone to inform them that the party would start at 7pm,
but guess what??!!!

Yean Ree, Pey Wen, Andrew and I came home from buying food stuff for the party at 6:55pm~!!
and I have to prepare it~!!!!


I was praying that people will turn up late..
*on normal outtings, everyone's 1 hour late*
On the way to the lift of my apartment..
*O-N-L-Y Y-O-U~*
oh no~!!! someone's here ddi~!!!

normally *assignment meeting* Jackson will be the latest to arrive..
TODAY~ he's 5mins early~!!!!!
*it must've been because of FOOD~!!!*

We rushed upstairs, welcomed them in,
then start on preparing my food..
In the menu, we have fruit salad, roasted turkey *chicken* and steamboat..
So after i'm in my apartment, i headed to the kitchen to start on the salad..

Everyone arrive on time~!! 5 mins later~!!!
Since everyone's here ddi and the food's not ready yet,
they help to set up everything la~
and its time to par-ty~!!!!!!!

*Setting up the steamboat table*

*AhhhHh~ they noticed the camera~!!!*

*camwhoring in less than 5mins~!!!*

*Professional whores*

*If you're wondering why there're so many ivy's (yellow) photos, its because its a camera..I was busy preparing, can't take photos*

*Illyn never fails to amaze me*

*how not to call her ugly??!!! (the one in white is Illyn)*



*A flashback on her not-so-recent photo*

*Guess who???*

*Its YEAN REE~!!!!!*


*moRe reTarts~*

*giFts~!!!presents~!!!hadiah~!!!li wu~!!!*

*Girls' sho*
*Gah jin(far back) wants to be a girl~!!!*

*Be DISAPPOINTED~ he's the retard in purple*

*Guy retards*


*Finally~ a group photo with everyone inside~!!*

*Gift exchange time~*

*There are 21 gifts, so i'll only post mine ler*
*Me > Pineapple Lai Kuan*

*Me > Monkey Hong Chuan*
*I said i bought 2 mer~!!*

*Abby > Me*

*Illyn > Ming Chuan(Rain pose)*

*Wee Yen > Tuck Cheong*
*OMG~!!!! A Kiss??!!!!!!*

*Now the kiss worth it?*
*Only 4 mentos* *LAUGHS*

*The smallest gift for the largest guy*

*Tension tension*
*What's in it??*

*La Senza T-Back~!!!!!*

*Back View~!!!*

*Sky's gift was a tampon~ He just took the keychain to divert attention*
*Joking ler...he had both*

*Just in case who's T-Back was that, its Printing's~!!!!!*

After the gift exchange session,
i brought out my "JW Black label"
and everyone had drinks,
Turned on the music~
Off the lights~!!!
and party~!!!!!!
*Hope i wasn't disturbing my neighbours*
Final words?? MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!!!

ChriStmaS evE~

Actually a sequel to the post below~
So i went to buy prezzies for all the relatives so very reluctantly..
these were what i bought~

3 Aunts: Decorative teapots found in the shop on the ground floor of my apartment..
*Then peywen, andrew, and I went to 1utama*
3 teenagers *youngest in my generation*: SIY (Sew-it-yourself) Sheep & Doggie *Girls* and a super cute ninja voodoo keychain *guy*
11 nieces and nephews: Cloth animal magnets *Super cute~!!!!!*
*sorry peeps~!!! no photos cuz i had to have them wrapped up and delivered to my parents ASAP..*

I also got 2 small prezzies for gift exchange on the next day..
they were *thinks*
a cute teddy bear pin that i wanted to get for my bag~
and another super cute animal magnet..

there~!!! my shopping is done~!!!
We met Yi Xiu who was working in 1u so we had dinner with her..
It wasn't actually dinner but everyone was hungry at 5pm so we headed over to Shi Lin to makan their oyster mee suah~
*Yum Yum~!!!!*
Andrew also ordered their seafood tempura as their chicken wasn't the best we could find..
I think thats my 1st time trying the seafood tempura and it somewhat taste like keropok lekor..

While busy slurping my mee suah with only spoon
*its fun to do it but not many people would try*
Mom suddenly called again~!!!!
my parents said they are arriving 1U to collect the gifts ddi..
so i quickly finish the half bowl food
*Many people know how slow i eat..*
and dragged Andrew to come with me~
YES~!!!! Mission accomplished~!!!

After "dinner" Yi Xiu had to go back to work so the 3 of us went around walking..
Pey Wen wants to buy a bag for the new year..
and L-U-C-K-Y for her she had 2 guys who can give comments on fashion..
*Normally her bf would go "I don't know about bags..just buy it if you like it~*
Obviously girls would just "xiong che (naik kereta)" and buy the things they think they like..
and later regret it right??
its called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, baby~!!!

We went to look for Pey Wen's bag,
walked into vinci, voir, bonita etc etc *i can't remember*
then back to vinci, voir, vinci, voir, vinci, voir..
*She can't decide which she liked more as both the guys said both is nice*
after walking in the same shops back and forth a few times,
suddenly both guys said,
"since you have time, why not go online and look for the bags?
they have lotsa designs for you to choose from~"

so thats what we did..
Left 1U at 9pm..
Went to find Shzen cuz i know she misses me~
It was so freaking congested out there~!!
we arrived at the curve 45mins later..
tried to find a parking but failed to do it..
An hour later, i gave up..
msged dear ol' bozz that i can't find parking and all 3 of us went to Prince SS2 to makan..
Prince was our DINNER!!!!!!

after Prince we headed home,
hopefully to reach home before midnight..
no traffic congestion along the way,
a good sign...
*everyone's busy gathering at countdown venues*
after we arrived at my apartment,
phones start ringing, marking the arrival of CHRISTMAS~!!!!
everyone went "MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!!"

the 3 of us opened the bottle of "JW Black label" and we just drink, chill, chat the whole night~
Long day for christmas eve,
but its still a nice memory~

Monday, 24 December 2007

I shouldn't be doing this~!!!!!

Ahh christmas is coming...
Its christmas eve *Duh*
Was having my breakfast after class early in the morning..
My freaking phone rang~!!
My mother's ringtone goes on~
* mother's ringtune isn't ring ring..haha*
No offence k, but whenever my mom calls me, its trouble..
*trouble-SOME for me ler..*
so i lazily answered her call...
"Zhan Shuo ar, tonight we'll be going to 2nd aunt's house for a christmas party..
You don't have to come ler since you have to go back to KL which is quite far..
BUT!!! I need you to help me get gifts for the kids..
You just have to get for the small kids la~
2nd Uncle has 2 grandchildren, eldest aunt has 6, 2nd aunt has 3..
altogether 11 la~
Oh~ get for emily, hazel and ker yang also la~
*plus 3 in my list*
hrm...Can help me get for Eldest uncle's wife? Eldest aunt and 2nd aunt also la~ since they're christians..
I think thats all la~
You got money anot? got right?
okay la i'll give you back the money when you send it home later.."
*SEND IT HOME???!!! I thought you should be the one coming to collect??!!! #$@$#*#@&$*@#&$^$^#@*$ *

Geez~ troublesome right?!!
there goes my plan to cut my hair, get food for tmr's party, find lizzie's birthday present etc etc...
Its late ddi...I better get going before the sun sets...haha

Saturday, 22 December 2007

SMKKB hiGh scHooL pRom~

Went to one of my close friend's school prom yesterday...
Crystal kinda 'booked' me *Gosh!! am i providing escort service here??!!!* early this year..
Since she's my close friend, i went with her ler..

The prom was nothing like i expected it to be..
Just a simple conclusion~
> I was pretty lost
> I knew no one except crystal
> I have an unsporting date
> I didn't dance
> I called evie so that i could talk to someone
> I smsed Lingz "H-E-L-P!!!" at the begining of the Prom
> I went home at 10pm

okay okay it may not be very good~
but hey, its THEIR prom and what's important is that they enjoy kan??
okay okay pictures~

*yes..I'm aware that i need a haircut..*

*The lights mesmerises me*

*These were left on the table...i suspect is our SOUVENIR!!*
*oops~forgot to flip the photo~ Sorry!!!*
*ooh how i wish i had a bottle of vodka..*
*So that i can mix it with this orange juice to make a 'screw driver'*
*Playing dress up for my glass*
*there's the stage....EMPTY!!!*
*Now its empty NO MORE~!!! actually no one's dancing on the dance floor..They're watching ppl dancing on stage"
*oh...this REALLY is the souvenir...swts*
Well, its not the best prom i've ever been to, but whats wrong with spending a few hours for such experience right??hehe~!!!