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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 98 (Last..)

Emo post for today..
I wrote a post last night but decided to delete it because I wasn't really in the mood to spill everything out..
So here's today's post..

It feels ironic,
We were in the Sheffield Hallam University Welcoming Party on June 11, 2009.
And we had our farewell on Sept 11, 2009.
So much laughters and tears shed throughout this 3 months.
Thanks for the memories people..

It wasn't very long ago when we..

..flew to UK.

Then it was..

..SHU orientation and campus tour which I complained about the chinese speaking facilitators.

And there it was..

..our first glimpes of Malaysia in UK.

Soon after that we..

..started exploring the streets of Sheffield.

And we had..

..SHU welcoming party.
This marks our first week in Sheffield..

We went for our first UK outing.. Buxton..



This was our first..

..roll on the slope.
Boy was it fun!!

We loved the.. grasses and pretty flowers.

We hated the..

..expensive food there.
We would even buy a £1.99 subway because it is RM12 for us.
Its still the same now..

Then we had our very first birthday girl in UK..

*..blowing our "lighter candle" after making her wish*

I remember the times we envy those engineering students who.. a nicer and nearer accomodation.

And we were so fascinated by the..

..beautiful sky and sunshine.

We had our first party ever..

..the Summer Beach Party.
This was there I first saw Joanne, Amy's sister.

We walked the city at night..

..just to see the beautiful fountain at the train station.

It wasn't all laughter and smiles.
We had some bad time too.
Conflicts, arguments, emo etc etc.

I needed to release my emoness..

..peewee became my model.

I've met some great people in UK as well.
People whom I didn't know when we were in TARC.
These people have been in the same lecture theatre as us,
but we just do not notice such great people around.
This was my first time meeting Rachel, a very great friend.

..thanks for some great moments gossiping about people.
I miss you so much.

I'll never forget the time we played in the park.
The softball game which..

..turned into a starwars light saber war.

Time flies and it was the 7th week.
Our mid sem break which only a few of us went to Scotland.

It was our first time..

..driving in UK.

We had a new friend..

..Allen in our trip.

We also had..

..beautiful sceneries wherever we went.

Our first time..

..watching the sun rise together.

We had an unforgettable evening in..

..Carbisdale - the haunted castle.

We also had great food..

..for the first time.

Our first time watching.. in kilts blowing the bagpipe.

Then it was the South England trip..

..which I'm glad we can hang out together again.

and our trip to..


Time flies as we were busying with our last assignment.
I'll never forget our daily meetings..
It got us closer than ever..
I'll miss the time when..

..we did our assignments till dawn.


..staying up so late till we couldn't help it but sleep on other people's bed.

Finally we handed up our final assignment.. our "lizard" tutor, Mr Jameson Gill

Within less than a week, it was..

..exam time.

and within the week itself..

..our farewell party!!

Dear friends,

though life may lead us to different directions and we have to bid goodbye..
but these memories will be locked in my heart..
we've shed enough tears during the farewell already..
tears may dry, but memories will continue flowing..
everytime I view our photos once again,
is the time I'll think about the life we spent here..

Today will be my last post of "Life in Sheffield"
Before finishing the last post, this video is for my friends who have shared a piece of their life with me..

I love each and every one of you!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 99 (Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn)

Goodbye summer!!!
Goodbye sunrise at 4am..
Goodbye sunset at 9:45pm..
Goodbye goodbye~

Hello autumn!!!

Hello strong wind..
Hello rain and thunder..
Hello hello~

Welcome back insulators!!!

Welcome back jacket..
Welcome back radiator..
Welcome welcome~

*Mr. Radiator says "hello!!"*

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 96 (The End)

*The End*

The End..
This will be my last assignment I'll be doing for my degree course.

The End..
Tonight is my last night for sleeping early until the exam day.

The End..
No more report typing for the rest of the semester.

The End..
I am the last person who completed the assignments.

The End..
This is where laziness in me ends.

But no matter what, I still anticipates..
..the day laziness will be rewarded.

*Fin - The End for this post*