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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Puppy Love - Does it melt too fast?

A few weeks back, I've watched a highly anticipated movie with chewyinli.

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Yes, this movie is highly antipicated (by me) because of the following reasons:
1. Its a Malaysian-made movie!!
2. I love Ah-Niu, 阿牛
3. It does bring back kampung-styled memories
4. Its the type of movie I like

Okay enough said, something about the movie now.
Synopsis: A woman brings her daughter Da Jia Yu run away from her husband. They live in a small-old town and stay at friend’s house earn for a living. The son of the kopitiam tauke, Botak falls into this small little girl. In Botak’s life, Da Jia Yu plays an important role. She accompany Botak till they growth up. Botak secretly admires Da Jia Yu. Along the journey, he explores the meaning of true love, devotion and forgiveness.

Its a truly touching story in my opinion.
I especially like the quote by Ah Niu at the end of the movie.

Alright some of you may not understand what it said, so I'll translate it for you.
"First love is just like a bowl of Ice Kacang, it melts before you can taste it properly. What is in our memories are its mild sweetness."

Mind you, the ice kacang that is mentioned isn't like the ones you see now.
Its not stacked up as high as a building.
It doesn't have things like nata de coco, jelly, pearls etc.
It doesn't have ice cream topped on the ice.
Its just traditional, simple ice kacang.

Ah Niu's quote actually made me think alot.
I totally agree with what he said.
How many of us know what are we doing in our first romance?
Many of us were too young to actually know what is it all about.
Its over before we can actually taste it.
Well, just like mine.

Hey, when I said "just like mine" it doesn't mean that mine didn't last very long okay.
Mine lasted a little pass a year but honestly speaking, I don't know whats going on back then.
All we ever know is that we're what?
I don't know the rest.
When I'm old enough to actually experience what romance is, I thought back about my first time.
I can't exactly put the feeling into words except "naive yet sweet"
Its exactly how it feels when we think about our younger days, when we don't have much to think about.

Now, after stepping into the society to work, things change again.
Once again I feel that I've grown up and possibly matured.
I got a comment saying "It turns you more no nonsense ish."
Yes, sometimes silly jokes do come out, but most of the time I'm all about personal growth and productivity.
I've been doing things which a typical 24 year old might not do.
Read books, think about financial freedom AND work towards it etc.
I'm lucky to have someone who can teach and guide me.
But I know, my parents are worried too as my future is still very vague.
Can't blame them though, I'm not doing things that are conventional.
Can't be too conventional in this new age economy, can we?
I don't wish to worry them but I do hope that they'll give me some time to do things my way.
I know it'll work out, just like the many challenges I faced before, right?

*Ehh, off topic ddi laa!!!*

Oops!!! Too much about me I guess.
But hey, it proves a point doesn't it?
We get less naive as we grow up.
More responsibilities comes as we gain more experiences and power.
We can't be thinking only about ourselves, we have to care for others too.
This isn't something we do during puppy love.
Somehow its just makes me smile thinking how easy is it for us to be together and break up when we were young.

How was your puppy love like?

Its sad if you don't have one!!! *Hahaha purely joking*

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Monica's 23rd

A couple of weeks back, I celebrated my elder younger sister's 23rd birthday with my family, girlf, and her boyf.
Yes, she's my ELDER younger sister.
cuz I have 2 younger sisters. Monica is elder. Crystal is younger. so Monica is the ELDER younger sister. Crystal is the YOUNGER younger sister.
Oh nevermind.
Anyways lets continue the story..


We always *and I mean always* celebrate our family member's birthday on that day itself.
Its always reserved for our family so I don't celebrate it with friends unless they do it in the afternoon.
*and I'm happy to celebrate it with my family*

So, got off work late, so reached D'tandoor late too.
When both my girlf and I reached there, they've already finished the 1st dish.

Don't ask me what are all these!!!
Its like a platter of different types of food.

Sour Lassi - Indian Yogurt Drink
There's a choice of SWEET or SOUR

All the food we ordered

Naan Cheese - Indian Bread

Naan Garlic - Indian Bread

Different types of curry
There are Ladies Fingers, Eggplant, and Mutton Curry

Rice topped with chicken
Really good but you have to wait for an hour for them to cook it.

HUGE prawns

Mon, Ben, Crys, Yinli, Me, Dad, Mom

And so, dinner was over..


Its time for after meal dessert!!

Nama Chocolate by Royce

You can know how nice the chocolate is just by looking at the smiles on their faces.
Oh btw, the chocolate is a gift from the girlf.
I've been pretty emo that time so she got me this, hopefully i'll feel much better.
Its a really expensive gift okay!!!
Thanks girlf!!!!!

So this concludes my ELDER younger sister's birthday.
*don't ask me why ELDER younger sister again!!*

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ninja Joe.Legend

Two weeks ago, chewyinli and I went to ninja joe just to try out their burger.

Ninja Joe is an original Japanese fast food concept best known for delicious pork burgers! Our food contains no added MSG, preservatives or artificial flavouring.

- Ninja Joe -

Yes, you don't see pork burgers in Malaysia.
You used to fly to China and Hong Kong just for a port burger,
and now you can save your airfare~!!
I first heard about pork burger in Malaysia from my sister, Monica.
I'm not too sure if the shop still operates, but now, Ninja Joe's in town~!!

Ninja Joe Pork Burgers come in 6 different flavours
Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Sweet & Sour, and Spicy.

Hope its gonna be yummy!!

Ninja - Sweet and Sour
What..ninjas became burgers??

Big Boss
Its a bigger burger with onions and you can choose to add cheese to it.

Add on fries + drinks

Its a complete meal
The portion isn't very big though..

Damage done in my wallet

A ninja planning on a sneak attack

It looks like the console game that I used to play when I was young

Overall, Ninja Joe is just a pork burger.
Nothing special except its pork.
Maybe people who doesn't eat beef enjoys it more but I prefer beef burger.
Its pretty expensive considering the portion that was given.
Its a pretty good experience but once is more than enough for me.

Ninja Joe Pork Burger
LG-18, Tropicana City

Oh on a side note,

I got my HTC Legend~!!!

Thats all for now~!!