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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Monica's 23rd

A couple of weeks back, I celebrated my elder younger sister's 23rd birthday with my family, girlf, and her boyf.
Yes, she's my ELDER younger sister.
cuz I have 2 younger sisters. Monica is elder. Crystal is younger. so Monica is the ELDER younger sister. Crystal is the YOUNGER younger sister.
Oh nevermind.
Anyways lets continue the story..


We always *and I mean always* celebrate our family member's birthday on that day itself.
Its always reserved for our family so I don't celebrate it with friends unless they do it in the afternoon.
*and I'm happy to celebrate it with my family*

So, got off work late, so reached D'tandoor late too.
When both my girlf and I reached there, they've already finished the 1st dish.

Don't ask me what are all these!!!
Its like a platter of different types of food.

Sour Lassi - Indian Yogurt Drink
There's a choice of SWEET or SOUR

All the food we ordered

Naan Cheese - Indian Bread

Naan Garlic - Indian Bread

Different types of curry
There are Ladies Fingers, Eggplant, and Mutton Curry

Rice topped with chicken
Really good but you have to wait for an hour for them to cook it.

HUGE prawns

Mon, Ben, Crys, Yinli, Me, Dad, Mom

And so, dinner was over..


Its time for after meal dessert!!

Nama Chocolate by Royce

You can know how nice the chocolate is just by looking at the smiles on their faces.
Oh btw, the chocolate is a gift from the girlf.
I've been pretty emo that time so she got me this, hopefully i'll feel much better.
Its a really expensive gift okay!!!
Thanks girlf!!!!!

So this concludes my ELDER younger sister's birthday.
*don't ask me why ELDER younger sister again!!*

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